Yi 4K Action Camera

Short Review: Best Action Camera Period. Basically this is same exact camera as a GoPro hero 4 Black with improvements. Just compare the specs. Same exact lens, upgraded processors, better screen, upgraded sensor, better battery, much lower price. It has all the specs plus more of the Hero 4 Black. Not only that, but after a full day of testing I can confirm and promise it works better than my hero 4 black! Don’t just take my word for it, compare for yourself!

Background: I own several if the original YI Action Camera (I as asked to test one then purchased several of my own for extra shots) I also own hero 3 white and black as well as a hero 4 silver and black.

1.) Build Quality – The build quality seems just as nice as my hero 4 black.. I have also owned several other YI products and have never had any issues with them or their products

2.) Screen – The screen on this kills my Hero 4 Silver. Very sharp and vibrant! Crystal Clear. Responsive.

3.) Battery – I did receive 1 and a half hours on 4K out of my first charge! Still had a little juice left. This was with WiFi and all extras turned off

4.) 4K – There are several cheaper 4K cameras on Amazon bit read carefully.. most are very low FPS and some aren’t even true 4K.. this is the same 4K as GoPro and is very good 4K at 30FPS.

5.) Bluetooth & WiFi – Camera offers both Bluetooth and WiFi. I did test Bluetooth remotes with it and it worked excellent. Works on both 2.4 and 5ghz network’s. My phone is able to do 5ghz so that means very good WiFi connectivity. Video is almost flawless looking at it via the App

6.) Sound Quality – I haven’t received my case yet so I cannot comment about how the sound is with the waterproof case on.. all Action Cameras seem to have sound issues when they are in their case.. outside of the case, this camera offers excellent sound quality

7.) Versatile – These cameras aren’t just for action sports! these are great to film family videos on, great for the beach, great for camping.. they have a lot of uses!

8.) Sleek New Look. While being almost the same size and shape as GoPro, it does look much more modern and I love the sleek design

9.) Ease of Use – I find this camera much easier to use than GoPro.. the UI seems better, it’s more fluid, easier to change modes and everything..

10.) Mounts – With the waterproof case, this can be used with any GoPro and most other Action Mounts on the market.

11.) I love the App from Yi Technology. It is a very polished and super easy app to use

12.) Regular Updates – They have been updating and tweaking thr camera regularly since release!! It takes GoPro weeks and even months to listen and issue updates

13.) Waterproof Housing – i love how it fits great and has the hard back door.. while a touchscreen doesn’t work in the housing, it is much more secure with the hard door.. the housing also has a locking Latch!! Please note housing is extra. The camera does not overheat in the housing or anything, not even shooting 4k video. Great housing

1.) Waterproof Housing is still an accessory.. I really wish they would just include it!

Overall: I am very impressed with this camera and it’s price and specs.. don’t just take my word for it, compare part for part, chip for chip and you will see it’s the same specs buy improved over the hero 4 black by GoPro… The price for this camera is a steal and GoPro should be worried!

1.) Needs a very high quality memory card, especially for 4K! If you have memory card errors this is where I would start.. get at least a class 10 with a very high write speed.. name brand card! I use various brands but currently using a sandisk extreme class 10 and it works fine

2.) Grab the waterproof Housing.. this really helps protect the camera

3.) Grab a mount pack while your at it! Worth the money.. several companies offer large packs of action camera mounts for under $25

Received my housing today and it works great.. no overheating issues or anything

Sample Photos Below