Designs by Tervis Stainless Steel "SIC" Mugs NFL Branding

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Short Review (Summary):  I recently picked up two 20 ounce “Designs by Tervis” tumblers and really like them! My GF got a pineapple print and I picked up an NFL Print..  The Tumblers are built by a company called “SIC” (Seriously Ice Cold) and they are a company with a GREAT reputation when it comes to Stainless Tumblers like Yeti and RTIC..  The designs are printed on them by Tervis and the quality of the print is outstanding!! 

1.) Print Quality – Outstanding!  No issues with the print rubbing off, washing off, or peeling!  Tervis did a great job printing on these SIC mugs and you can tell!!

2.) Keeps things COLD FOR HOURS! Almost a full day! 

3.) Keeps things hot for HOURS

4.) Work JUST AS WELL as RTIC and Yeti!

5.) Plenty of prints to choose from! They have classic Tervis Prints.. NFL Prints, Sports Prints, and more! Something for everyone!


1.) Like YETI, they must be hand washed!

Overall:  We both love our new “Designs by Tervis” mugs and will be getting more!

Barebones 12Watt DC Fan, Goal Zero

This is from the guy who started goal zero and this fan works Excellent with their Yeti line of solar generators.. Great for camping and only uses 12 watts of power on high.. it moves air very well! Very durable! Great fan! Almost silent! Yeti 400 says it will be able to run this for about 2 days without needing a recharge.

Solar Charger RAVPower 24W Solar Panel with Triple USB Ports Waterproof Foldable for Smartphones Tablets and Camping Travel

Short Review: Wonderful Solar CHARGER that will quickly charge 3 devices at once.. I quickly charged 3 battery banks with this charger today and within a few hours all where 100% charged.. One of the battery banks is a Goal Zero Venture 30 which is a 7800mAH battery bank. Another is the Griffin Outdoor 10,000mAH battery bank and the smaller one is just an inexpensive 2500mAH bank.. On a sunny day in TN, this charger had no issues fully charging all the banks AT THE SAME TIME in under 5 hours.

Tips: Before I get into the rest of the review, let me share a few “Solar” “Tips” with you
1.) While you can charge your devices such as phones and tablets from the solar panel itself, I recommend charging power storage devices like I did in the photos.. Two reasons for this.. Depending on external factors, this charger might not always offer enough power to charge your high usage device.. And second, its not good for your phones to stay in the sun all day

2.) Remember, weather (Even on sunny days), time of day, location, and other factors will affect output wattage.. I always recommend that a buyer only expect a charger to charge with ON AVERAGE half its capacity.. So with this charger, I expect it to average 12 watts on good days. I have received as much as 18 watts from this charger but it does only average 12 watts but that is standard!

1.) Very HIGH output! – I average at least 12 watts out of this charger but have hit as many as 18 watts.. This is fine and is actually EXCELLENT from a charger of this size! Don’t expect 24Ws all the time, it will never happen even with $1,000 chargers

2.) Wonderful BUILD Quality

3.) 3 USB ports – Most of these chargers on the market only have 2 ports

4.) RACPower offers excellent support

5.) The pouch that houses the USB ports seems to be waterproof – It has a DWP coating on the inside!! Excellent

6.) Simple to use

Overall: Great charger!! I love it and highly recommend it!

GOAL ZERO NOMAD 100 Solar Panel

I really enjoy this panel! Very durable and wonderful output

Example: One day I was cleaning my panel inside.. I noticed the “power light” was on.. I measured it’s output and I was receiving 13 Watts inside my apartment from the sun shining through the windows! Outside on a good day I average about 45 – 50watts and it has peaked at 62 Watts.

Tips: Remember, a 100watt solar panel will probably never hit 100watts! Atmosphere, weather conditions, time of day, and even the length of your cord all affect the output of a panel.. a good panel, you can expect about 50% of it’s output on average.

1.) Durable!
2.) Works well with Goal Zero Yetis
3.) Excellent Output
4.) Long cable (about 6ft)
5.) Extension Cables available (keep in mind, the Goal Zero brand cables lose about 1% output per ft)

1.) Price – However, I own several 80 – 100 Watt panels and the Goal Zero is built better than any of them! Plus, it is full of technology and great American support.. A lot of my other panels have Chinese support and while there is nothing wrong with that, I simply can’t pick up a phone and call.. With Goal Zero you can

Overall: Great Panel, I highly recommend it

1.) This is designed to charge battery generators or other power packs.. Works much better if you do! I can charge my Yeti 150 fully in about 4 hours with this