Roman Ventures Beach Blanket (Oversized 10’ x 9’) and Compact Pocket Blanket Combo Pack

The pocket blanket version of this is excellent! A few things I want to point out about it

1.) Size – Perfectly sized for two folks.. not to small, not to large..

2.) Pack size – While it doesn’t pack the smallest, it does pack plenty small enough to place in a cargo pockets, or side pockets.. I have seen some that pack smaller BUT the blankets are so small, they aren’t usable.. This blanked DOES fit in a pocket and is usable

3.) Durable – Doesn’t rip, nice and thick, very durable material

4.) Can also double as an undertarp for your tent! Multiple uses!

5.) Great price, good value for the quality your getting

Overall I am very happy with this.. it is very well made, durable, functional, and everything about it is great

KOBY Bag Mini 100% silicone, leak resistant toiletry bag, pencil case, essentials bag, dopp kit wash bag for personal items (Charcoal)

Video Review Here

Short Review (Summary): Great bag! When I read that it could be used for a pencil bag, u was afraid it might be too small for what I wanted it for.. I wanted this to be a small tooletries bag that I could carry with be everyday! Something to hold a small travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, soap, small shampoo, small bottle of cologne, a few dude wipes, and that’s all… I didn’t want a huge bag for this! Guess what? THIS is PERFECT!! The size is amazing and slightly bigger than most pencil pouches! While it would still work great for a pencil pouch, it has all the room I need for my items!

1.) Quality – Amazing Quality Silicone! Great zipper!

2.) Waterproof – Perfect in case a bottle of cologne opens or breaks.. Great if shampoo leaks out.. no worries about it getting all in my backpack

3.) Wonderful size! Great for an everyday bag or emergency travel bag.. yeah, you probably wouldn’t live a week off this bag but a night or two perfect! Have a smelly lunch? Great for toothbrush & toothpaste

4.) Smooth Zipper

Overall – This fits my needs perfectly and I am happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it to all!

Whice for Men – Hypoallergenic Full Body Wet Wipes – Ideal after Sports or Gym, Traveling, Always in the Car and Toilet too – Ocean Fragrance.

Short Review: I purchased these to take with me on a trip in two weeks and I wanted to try them out before I went! I knew that the bag had 48 wipes in it which means they weren’t very large… I was however still impressed with the size!! The scent smells strong at first but when you use the wipes, you quickly learn that the scent isn’t very bad nor strong on the body! Tonight I used these on my feet which start stinking after about mid day but I don’t have time to wash or shower after work before I go out and do things! Plus I like wearing sandals, flip flops, chacos and other open shoes so I can’t have my feet stinking after work!! You can also use these wipes pretty much anywhere! JUST REMEMBER, they don’t flush and aren’t flushable!

1.) Decent Size – They cover your entire hand plus some which makes it great for people that have phobias of parts of their body such as feet and whatnot.. You don’t have to touch those parts.. Although I don’t have phobias like that, I know some folks do

2.) Good scent – They smell great! Not to strong and its a nice manly scent!

3.) Awesome Price – The price of these is great!

4.) Multiple uses – Toss these in a day bag, gym bag, use at the gym, use after work, use at work to freshen up, and more! These have multiple uses and great uses..

1.) Not flushable

2.) I wish they also made a body size like DUDE and other brands do.. Maybe an 8 X 8 size or 9 X 9? One can wish

Overall: I am very impressed with these! I highly recommend them

Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Use: Commuting to and from work (2 miles each way) and to travel with to commute to and from hotels!

First let’s do a little house keeping

1.) For those who complain about range. First, boosted boards have a much higher wattage motor than other boards.. this is how they achieve their speed and how they are able to climb hills.. But, the standard battery is just under the TSA limit of being able to be carried on a plane.. Keep in mind, boosted does offer a higher capacity battery but legally, it can’t be carried on planes. Since I use this for travel, I need the standard battery. Just charge whenever you see an outlet that’s open! Simple!

2.) I never skateboarded in my life when I got one of these.. By day two I was traveling over 10MPH without any issues.. day one was a piece of cake as well but I took it slow to learn.. Basically, you don’t have to be a skateboarder or longboarder to use this!

1.) Plenty of Speed
2.) Easy to use and learn
3.) Two battery sizes available. That that is TSA air travel friendly and one thats not, but gets a long range.
4.) Saves Money – Yes these are pricy but think about one trip that requires Uber, Cabs, or whatever.. how much do you spend? Exactly, these end up saving money and saving it very quickly..
5.) Most parts are standard so can be changed easily BUT boosted does use some of the best parts out there (again, making this board a good value) so upgrades shouldn’t be needed.
6.) Charges Faily quickly so easy to charge while at work or whatnot.. can be charged at any outlet. I have charged mine in coffee shops while I wait, donut shops, fast food joints that are setup for laptop charging and more.. if you charge anywhere you can, you shouldn’t need to worry about running out of juice.. mines never been dead
7.) Fairly easy to manually push if you are out of juice
8.) Although not recommended, accidentally hitting water or running into puddles has never bothered mine.. I try not to use it on days where they are calling for rain but have been caught in a few storms or pop-up showers.. never had any issues
9.) Great quality board.. has just enough give to make it comfortable, but strong enough not to worry about it breaking

Overall: Simple to use, easy to learn, great distance, and very high quality!