KOBY Bag Mini 100% silicone, leak resistant toiletry bag, pencil case, essentials bag, dopp kit wash bag for personal items (Charcoal)

Video Review Here

Short Review (Summary): Great bag! When I read that it could be used for a pencil bag, u was afraid it might be too small for what I wanted it for.. I wanted this to be a small tooletries bag that I could carry with be everyday! Something to hold a small travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, soap, small shampoo, small bottle of cologne, a few dude wipes, and that’s all… I didn’t want a huge bag for this! Guess what? THIS is PERFECT!! The size is amazing and slightly bigger than most pencil pouches! While it would still work great for a pencil pouch, it has all the room I need for my items!

1.) Quality – Amazing Quality Silicone! Great zipper!

2.) Waterproof – Perfect in case a bottle of cologne opens or breaks.. Great if shampoo leaks out.. no worries about it getting all in my backpack

3.) Wonderful size! Great for an everyday bag or emergency travel bag.. yeah, you probably wouldn’t live a week off this bag but a night or two perfect! Have a smelly lunch? Great for toothbrush & toothpaste

4.) Smooth Zipper

Overall – This fits my needs perfectly and I am happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it to all!

TOOLETRIES Dual Pocket Organizer – 100% silicone Shower Caddy. Create instant storage space for bathroom, kitchen, laundry. HOLDS UP TO 20lbs!

Short Review: Purchased this for extra space in the shower and it works GREAT as advertised. I have owned other TOOLETRIES products and they have all worked very well!

1.) After you hang it, let it hang for a couple hours before placing items in it.. I didn’t do this and it kept pulling off.. I was getting frustrated thinking it wasn’t going to work.. After it had hung for a few hours, it is stuck on tightly!!

1.) NO adhesives – This is a MUST due to me living in an apartment.. This is all cling

2.) Not sure how much weight I have in it BUT it does hold both my Body Washes and my Shampoo without issues.. I feel this will hold a ton of weight!

3.) Durable Stuff – Like I said, I own other toolerties products and have never had an issue with any!!

4.) Plenty of drain holes at the bottom


Overall: Just like my other TOOLETRIES PRODUCTS, this one is simply amazing and is a VERY easy way to make extra space in your shower

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