Adam’s Tire Shine 16oz

Shiny! Shine last for WEEKS.. Shine last even during the rain.. The “Chemical” doesn’t get slung all over your car (If you wait 20 – 30 minutes after using).. It smells GREAT, easy to apply (I use the adams foam block).. It last for a LONG TIME (It just takes a couple drops to do your entire tire).. Overall, GREAT STUFF!! I love it and will continue to buy it!!

1.) The bottle says it does take 2 hours to fully dry. I wash my car at a carwash (Safely) and I made the mistake of using this “Last” during one of my washes.. It did sling onto my car but not bad (I left right after I sprayed this). Now I use this first after washing my car.. I then detail the interior, clean the glass, and vacuum the car.. All which takes about 30 – 45mins.. Now this doesn’t sling on my way home!

2.) If you want more shine you can just spray this on your tires and no wipe off! Just give it time to dry. You get a deep SLICK shine the

Adam’s Polishes Introduction

This is a new company I have recently been introduced to, trying to keep my new KIA Niro sparkling!!!  I will be posting several SIMPLE reviews of their products mixed in with my other reviews..  Below you will find links of several of their products I love!  Adam’s Polishes is a great company and they offer great chemicals and tools to help keep your car clean and sparkling!

Those three products are some of their simple solutions to keep your vehicle clean! But they have a lot more!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their sidekick dryer!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their Swirl Killer polisher!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their other tools and chemicals!! I look forward to bringing more about Adam’s to my blog in the upcoming weeks

Genuine OEM Factory 2017 Kia Niro Spare Tire Kit (Applies to all factory wheel sizes)

Note:  This is more of a “Safety” review than product review.. I recommend everyone always have a spare tire, especially if you enjoy the outdoors like myself!

As all Niro owners know, we get a can of goo and a pump for a flat tire.. for a lot of folks, this is enough.. they never plan on changing a tire themselves and will just call roadside assistance.. nothing wrong with that BUT I got a spare and here’s why

Reason 1: In the past 10 years I have only had two flats.. both ended up being blowouts and a can of goo will not fix those.. id rather change the tire than wait on a wrecker.

Reason 2: I travel a lot in the mountains.. Limited cell phone coverage so now way to call a wrecker

Reason 3: One of my flats was on a Sunday.. no tire shop in my area are open on Sundays so I’d have no transportation

So yeah, I purchased this and am very glad I did! Fits my Niro perfectly and locks into the wheelwell without any issues.

I highly recommend this