CHILL GORILLA INSTANT POP UP PRIVACY TENT. Perfect for Dressing/Changing, Portable Shower, Outdoor Shelter. Privacy Camp Bathroom. Easy to Setup. Includes Carrying Bag. The Instant Private Room.

Short Review: Excellent privacy tent for camping, beach, pool parties, and can even be used as a dressing room! Yes, running a seasonal outdoor store, we used a tent like this for a dressing room! Easy setup, durable, and plenty of uses!

1.) Tons of uses
2.) Easy setup in under 2 minutes! Under 1 minute if you are careful and get out of its way quick enough!
3.) Includes everything you need (bottom, stakes, carry bag)
4.) Easy packup – There are videos on youtube to help if you cant figure it out!
5.) Plenty of vents and vent in the top (top vent allows venting even while changing clothes)
6.) Can be used to hang shower

Overall: very impressed with this and the price! great value!

CHILL GORILLA 10 PACK TENT STAKES – Heavy Duty Lightweight Strong Aluminum Alloy Pegs for Camping, Rain Tarps, Hiking, Backpacking. [Essential Camping and Survival Gear] RED

For one of my first reviews back, I will start with a simple but VERY NICE ITEM from a BRAND I LOVE!  One that I wish I had with me at Scout Jamboree! (They were delivered while I was away so I didn’t have them at Jamboree)

Badass tent stakes! Strong, lightweight, and work well for tarps, tents, blankets, and more! Grat addition to the chill gorilla line and great for use with other brand products as well! I highly recommend these

Barebones Living Safari Tent, Sand

Short Review (Summary): This isn’t a “Weekend” tent, this is a vacation tent or week+ Lodge! While the tent does take about an hour to setup, it’s very easy.. I love the pole design compared to the extra large frames made for tents from brands like diamond brand. If setup correctly, the tent will not leak a drop! If setup correctly, the tent will not let bugs in (like another review says). The tent is designed to open up sides and let breeze through if need be but is also designed to be 100% waterproof! The floor is very durable and amazing! Tent is tall enough for bunk beds and with bunk beds can easily sleep 6 people! Maybe more while still having room for gear!

1.) Easy Setup – Takes about an hour but is easy!
2.) Easy Storage – I know the pole design consist of a lot of parts BUT owning tents from brands like Diamond Brand, their frames and poles are huge and hard to store.. Barebones has fixed this with their unique design.. I feel it’s a fair trade off!
3.) Magnetic Doors are Amazing
4.) Very Waterproof – I used this tent for two weeks straight and it made it through 4 down poors and didn’t leak a drop.. one of the storms had a lot of wind and the tent stood strong! Again, I had it setup correctly, had it velcroed where needed and I had no issues!
5.) I love the Window Design!
6.) Knowing this is from the founder of Goal Zero, I know when and if I ever need customer service, it will be top notch!
7.) Plenty of vents and ventilation!
8.) Tons of accessories made for this
9.) The top of the tent holds my Goal Zero Nomad 100 great and my Yeti 400 Lithium provides power inside the tent easily! The Barebones fan works great with the Yeti and keeps the tent cool!
10.) Price is fine.. compare with Diamond Brands and you will spend $2000+ by the time you buy your frame!

1.) This is not a weekend tent! This is a vacation tent to take to the beach for a week.. to take hunting.. to use for weeks at a time
2.) Barebones offers bunk beds that work great with these tents
3.) Power your tent with the Goal Zero line.. Nomad 100 and Yeti 400 Lithium work great
4.) Setup at home to test and practice before you use
5.) If you camp for your beach trip and other vacations, this pays for itself in about 2 vacations!

Overall: Wonderful tent! Price is fine for a good tent and frame. Easy set-up and wonderful for vacations!

Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tents for Camping & Backpacking

Short Review:  Excellent TENT!!  I just got back from a weekend camping trip (Very cold camping trip due to the burn ban in east Tennessee) and I must say, this tent performed wonderfully well and the quality it outstanding!! This tent is built just as well as my $250 tent from REI and has the features to match!  Super easy to setup and packs back down in a jiffy! 

1.) Easy to Assemble – Instructions are sewn into the bag so you can’t lose them, but the tent is a simple two pole design!  I had it up in about 5 minutes
2.) High Quality Materials – Aluminum Poles, fully taped ripstop fabric, AMAZING Zippers, and overall just a very well made tent
3.) Waterproof – Fully taped seams and a full sized rainfly help keep you dry! It did come a very short shower while I was out and nothing got into the tent.. We are in a drought (At the time of this review) so we haven’t had significant rain in a while but I have no doubt that this tent wouldn’t keep me dry! 
4.) Footprint is available for this tent and it has the places to attach the footprint!  This adds warmth and protection to the bottom of the tent

5.) Aluminum Poles – I never buy tents that have fiberglass poles anymore.. Aluminum all the way
6.) Easy to repack
7.) Perfect Size – Plenty of room for 2 (Store gear in the vestibule) or TONS of room for 1 with gear stored inside.  For solo backpacking I ALWAYS use a two person tent when I am not backpacking with my hammock.. I love the extra space
8.) Weighs under 5 pounds if you leave the bag and extras at home!  Packed weight is only 5.5 pounds so not bad their either
9.) Excellent Value –  This tent is made just as well as my $250 REI tent..  The value of this tent is great! Its hard to find an aluminum pole, taped seams, high quality tent like this for under $200 anywhere!  This tent is an AWESOME Value
10.) Vestibule Area for storing gear
11.) TWO DOORS – this is a must when you have two people!! No climbing over your tent partner when nature calls!  This tent offers two doors!
12.) Bright Color is easy to see in your campsite after dark
13.) Great Ventilation – This is important when it comes to tents..  If not, condensation KILLS!! Especially on cold nights.. This tent offers wonderful ventilation!

1.) Footprint must be purchased separately but this is common for most tents

Overall:  I am very impressed with this tent and own SEVERAL name brand tents.. This one is made just as well as all of them!! Will it hold up as well?  I have no idea, only time will tell BUT from the looks of the tent, the build quality is outstanding and this tent will last for a very long time!!  I highly recommend this tent to ANYONE!!

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