Sonic Mania: Collector’s Edition – Nintendo Switch

Short Review (Summary): I had some gift cards so I decided to get the Collectors Edition of this game.. The included statue is neat, but not sure I would of purchased it at full price even though it is “Limited”.. They could of done a lot better with the statue as it does look and feel cheap.. Essentially the statue cost $50 so I was a little surprised at the quality.. Other than that, my statue was delivered fine and has no issues.

Game: This is a throwback to the Genesis sonic games.. Its fun, graphics are old school, sonic is FAST, and the game is addictive.. The download code worked great without any issues. Having a blast with it so far

Multiplayer: This is multiplayer and multiplayer is fun.. If you are tails its fun trying to keep up with sonic.. I usually get lost and the person playing sonic runs ahead of me.. So this is CLASSIC platforming multiplayer, not the new stuff that keeps you tethered together.. It also has the split screen races which are a blast!!!

Nintendo Switch Bug: One thing about Sonic games (Or Sega games in general) they are usually a little buggy on release.. Nothing major in this game BUT the “Home Button” bug I am sure some of you have read about is true.. Their is a delay after your press it before the game actually stops.. Why? Who knows, something you have to learn to live with if you like Sega Games.. not a deal breaker or game killer though

Overall: Simple old school fun!! The statue is a must if you are a collector but can be done without if you aren’t.. I’m not a collector and this was my first “Collectors Edition” game so its has kind of left me feeling let down.. Maybe I will take a risk on another collectors game in the future but Sonic Mania is still worth a play!

Kindle Fire 2 Pack Christmas Special $99.98

GREAT VALUE (Christmas Deal): Ordering several packs of these!! Keep in mind, this is for the 16GB version of these tablets not the 8GB version that is being offered for $39.99/each right now.. 16GB will give you a lot more on board memory (Not all apps can be moved to a Micro SD Card).. These tablets are great! I have owned the 8GB for a while now (Review below)

Short Review: Basically, if you are looking for a GREAT BUDGET TABLET grab these and don’t look elsewhere! Other budget tablets on Amazon don’t even come close to the budget fire tablet PLUS this tablet is backed by Amazon Customer Service.. Yeah, they only have a 90 day warranty BUT I was able to get a replacement for one that failed after 6 months WELL PAST the 90 day warranty, no questions asked! I now own about 7 of these (Given mostly as gifts) and all 6 of the orginals and the one replacement are still GOING STRONG! with hundreds of hours of use!

I have owned every Kindle Fire that has been released, or at least a version of everyone.. My favorite has always been the HDX but I wanted to try this! Please know, this isn’t no HDX.. It isn’t even a Fire HD 6.. BUT for under $50 this is an amazing tablet! Much better than most Chinese tablets being sold here on Amazon (Please know, a lot of those are great tablets, just not this good)

1.) Screen – Screen is great, much higher quality than most tablets in this range.. I can tell it is much lower resolution than other Kindle Fires I have owned BUT the screen is BRIGHT and VIBRANT!! The screen is CLEAR!! And touch support WORKS GREAT!!

2.) Sound – Sound with the built in speaker is lacking but pair this with bluetooth speakers OR headphones and you are good to go!! The built in speaker is GREAT for a mono speaker but for movies you probably want more

3.) Performance – This plays most games very well.. Where it shines though, and what I believe Amazon designed it for, is streaming!! If you use Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and services like that you will LOVE this tablet.. It streams videos and music very well!! Videos look fairly good on it and music, with headphones, sounds wonderful!! (Movies can even be downloaded from Amazon to the Micro SD Card)

4.) GREAT for Amazon Services – I personally use most of my Prime services such as Prime Music, Instant Video, Newstand and more… Like past fires, thse work GREAT with those services.. Everything is integrated into the OS..

5.) NEW OS – OK so FIRE OS has always been hit and miss with people.. I love it but I know lots who hate it!! They have made the OS much more similar to a regular Android tablet.. I feel this will help win over a few of the people who hated fire OS

6.) TAKES MICRO SD CARD!!! – MOVIES from Amazon Instant Video CAN BE DOWNLOADED to the SD card!! GREAT!! I fill this with movies before EVERY TRIP!

Ok so is this tablet worth the money?? YES!! If you like movies and want to download tons of them!! Just keep in mind this tablet is a BIG step down from the HDX (HDX runs out of memory quickly though) BUT AS a budget tablet this tablet is WELL WORTH the money!! This is the best tablet $50 can buy!!! THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS!!

I would recommend this tablet to anyone who doesn’t own a tablet, anyone who wants a second tablet, or anyone wanting tablets for kids or gifts!!

1.) Want more apps than the Amazon App Store offers: Google APKPURE from the silk browser and install it!! It will give you access to almost 99% of the apps in google play! Just enable the setting that allows you to download apps from unknown locations and you are good to go!

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