Nevo Hybrid Smartwatch Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Android or IOS Phone,Silver Case, Black Strap

Short Review: Sexy, and NICE LOOKING watch!! Easy to pair and full of features! Looks like a very nice watch because it is!! Keeps very accurate time and also doubles as a fitness tracker! The included Android or IOS app is easy to navigate and figure out.. While this watch doesn’t have all the features of an Apple Watch or Android wear, it is a good watch to notify you of any messages you receive!

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch? Its a watch that basically alerts you of notifications.. It does it discreetly! About the only thing it doesn’t do is allow you to read your messages and what not!!

1.) Very sleek and sexy design.. This watch looks AWESOME!! The leather band has a nice texture to it.. The watch has a very expensive look to it.. This watch will pair with both casual and dress clothes!

2.) Holds a strong connection – I have read reviews about connection dropping and stuff but owning several smartwatches like I own, I know that connection issues can usually be tracked down to the phone itself and not the watch.. My phone has no issues with smartwatches and never has so this watch works fine!! I have been wearing it for a week and so far hasn’t lost connection once

3.) Easy to Pair – I did have an issue pairing at first but it was because my Android wear watch was connected.. I disconnected it and the Nevo paired right up!! Now I can leave them all connected at once without any issues

4.) Easy to tell what type of message you have – The different LEDS are super easy to read and easy to know what type of alert you have

5.) Very DURABLE and HIGH QUALITY – Quality is EXCELLENT and the band is full leather and a nice leather at that. There is nothing cheap about this watch

6.) Doesn’t need to be charged daily or even weekly!!!

7.) Includes extra battery

8.) I use with both IOS and Android and have no issues with either!

9.) Comes with a VERY NICE gift packaging!

Overall: I have about 6 Android Wear watches, an apple watch and this is my first hybrid.. So far I like it! I purchased it to wear when I need something that looks like a real watch and I am not able to charge it everyday! This watch is perfect for that! You never have to charge it and its a REAL WATCH!! But it can still alert you of text, emails, calls, facebook and more! I highly recommend it

Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch – Q Marshal Brown Leather

Short Review (Summary): With the Gen 3 Fossil Watches coming out, that is leaving some pretty good deals on the Gen 2!! I decided to pick this up, even though I already own better and new Android Wear Watches.. For the price, this is a steal!! The watch looks VERY NICE and it doesn’t look geeky or anything.. It looks like a Fossil, and stands out!! Quality is excellent! Features are great! The THICK leather band is very masculine!

1.) Design – Designed to look like a fossil, not an Android Wear

2.) Good Battery Life – You read mixed things about battery on these watches.. Don’t leave your screen on all the time and you should get 2 days out of a charge!! Right now, after 8 hours of wearing and tons of notifications I have 52% battery left.. Leave the screen on all the time and you MIGHT get 8 hours total.. This happens on all ANDROID WEAR watches I have owned

3.) Great for fitness

4.) Wireless Charging – This has both pros and cons.. The pros are, you don’t have to line the watch up with special connectors like I do my Huawei Wear watches. Also, and wireless charger should charge it! I can even charge it in my car!! Cons (See below)

5.) Thick, masculine band!

6.) Plenty of watch faces

7.) Quickly upgraded to Android Wear 2.0

8.) Bright BIG beautiful Screen!

1.) No NFC – COME ON FOSSIL!! I love android pay on my watch!!

2.) Preinstalled screen protector wasn’t straight

3.) Wireless charging is slower than my Huawei watch that DOESN’T use wireless charging

Overall: For the price I am VERY VERY happy with this watch!! Everything looks and WORKS GREAT on it!! I recommend it to anyone wanting to save some cash


Review will be updated as I play with the device more..

1.) 6/30/17 – Added photos of the device and setup process & Updated the PRO about setup a little

So far I am very impressed with the Echo Show! As with all the Alexa devices, setup is extremely easy! The screen is very nice and sharp and the speakers are much improved, over the original Echo!

1.) Build Quality is OUTSTANDING!
2.) Sound Quality is simply amazing! Better than the original Echo even!
3.) Easy setup! Setup is even easier than previous Alexa devices due to the screen! – No phone or computer browser required!!
4.) Nice sharp VIVID screen! Bright and Excellent colors
5.) Video Flash Briefing is very cool and has several different sources that you can choose from
6.) Shows music Lyrics
7.) Works very well with my Wink system and smarthome devices! Alexa has always worked well with them and still does
8.) Can hear me very well and responds to my commands
9.) Video calls work well and if you have two of these in the same house it can work as sort of an intercom system if setup correctly. That’s super nice! It would be nice if video calls take off like Skype or FaceTime, but that will probably never happen and if it does, it will take a while.

1.) Not compatible with many home cameras yet.. Hopefully YI and a few other popular cameras will become compatible with Echo Show

2.) I was hoping to use this as an alarm clock but the screen is very bright.. they need to make a sleep or alarm mode.. Saying “Do Not Disturb” helps a little, but a full alarm clock mode with very dim screen would make this almost perfect

3.) Not a lot of skills that use the screen yet.. for example, a newer Alexa skill is Sirius XM.. All my other SiriusXM devices at least show artist name and song, some show album art even.. The echo show just shows “SiriusXM” and nothing else.. I know developers will soon use the screen better but just know for now, the screens functions are limited

Overall I am very happy with my show and will be using it more over the weekend!

Huawei Smartwatch for Universal/Smartphones – Classic: Titanium Grey

Short Review: Simply AMAZING watch and even coming from the first Huawei Watch, I still think this is a GREAT UPGRADE!!

New Features that I LOVE

1.) NFC – When I was shopping for a new watch IT HAD TO HAVE NFC.. Not many of the new Android Wear watches do but this one has it! Android Pay on a watch is simply amazing! You don’t need the phone to be with you, the watch can be alone! As long as the watch is on your wrist, you can use it to pay!! I use Android Pay DAILY!!

Tip for Android Pay: It requires you to setup a PIN or Lock Screen BUT you only have to “Unlock” the device once as long as it is on your wrist.. It WILL NOT LOCK BACK.. This is GREAT!! I would hate having to unlock the watch for everything I do

Tip 2 for Android Pay: Since it works independently of your phone it DOES HAVE TO BE setup from scratch on your watch! meaning you will have to revivify the cards you want to use.. No issues for me because I do like using it without the phone

2.) Hybrid Leather Band – I didn’t know how I would feel about this BUT I really enjoy it!! The top of the band is leather while the bottom is rubber.. This works GREAT if you sweat a lot or plan to use this working out

3.) “Watch Mode” – I travel a lot and forget my charger a lot!!! In Watch mode, all the notifications are gone BUT it at least works like a watch for 15 – 20 days (It really DOES last that long, depending on the charge you have left when you put it on watch mode).. This MODE ROCKS if you forget your charger because at least you wont be without a watch

4.) Constant Heart Rate Sensor – I really didn’t know if I would like this either, and while I don’t use it much this is how the watch knows its on your wrist! So this is a GREAT Feature

5.) Larger Battery is a NICE Upgrade

1.) Classic NICE design – When the new Huawei watches came out, I didn’t know how I felt.. The original watches where very NICE and FANCY!! This classic keeps that look and feel.. The watch feels very NICE and looks fancy!! Its not as shiny and flashy as the originals, but I like that.

2.) Android Pay – Like I said above, I am using my Android Pay DAILY on my watch

3.) Quick Access Button – The bottom button can be uses for ONE quick access app. I have set this button as my Android Pay Button

4.) Android Wear 2.0 – I am a fan of Android Wear and have always liked it

5.) NFC – Works GREAT for Android Pay and I hope more NFC features come out such as unlocking hotel room doors and stuff!


7.) Watch Mode – Like I said above, its awesome

8.) Plenty of Memory

9.) Includes Speaker and Mic for ON WATCH CALLS!!

10.) Charger is MUCH easier to use on this version VS the first!

1.) No LTE but hey, I really don’t know what I would use LTE for

2.) No Sapphire Crystal for the glass..

3.) Harder to find locally but Best Buy finally had one instock

Overall: I think this is a huge upgrade watch, I really enjoy using Android Pay on it

Tenergy TN438 16-Bay Auto-detect AA/AAA NIMH/NICD LCD Built-in IC protection Smart Intelligent Battery Charger With AC Wall Adapter And Car Adapter

Short Review: Awesome battery charger that works much better than the “Freebies” or the chargers that come with batteries BUT there could be a few improvements in the next version. I haven’t ran into any of the errors others mention but I also use fairly high quality batteries and I take CARE of my batteries. My charger has also been through several cycles now and still works without any issues

First lets talk about improvements.. I am fine with most of the charger, it charges quickly yet slowly (Meaning it doesn’t take all day to charge but also charges at a fairly safe rate to increase the overall life of your battery).. My biggest issue and suggested improvement is trickle charging.. Some say it isn’t needed BUT I use rechargeable for most everything.. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that as soon as you take a rechargeable off the charger it starts draining, even if not being used.. Trickle charging would allow the charger to keep the battery fully charged and waiting for your next use!! My second issue is that there is no way to turn off the backlight.. Such a simple feature should be added.. The backlight makes these impossible to use in a bedroom or something so allow us to turn it off.. My 3rd and final suggestion for improvement is to list the charge rating of each battery! This would allow me to see if I have a “Weak” battery that isn’t charging correctly..

1.) Safe charging rate – I own a charger which I LOVED for years.. BUT it was a quick charger.. I noticed my batteries didn’t really last long! I was only getting about a year out of each battery not hundreds of cycles.. I finally learned a little about the technology and learned that the quick charger was burning up the batteries! This charger charges slower than most but it charges at a safe rate! But it charges quick enough not to take all day

2.) Large Capacity – 16 batteries! GREAT

3.) Individual channels – Why is this important?? Most store chargers charge in pairs! When it comes to rechargeable batteries, your weakest link is your weakest battery!! I try to keep my batteries organized by “Singles”, “Doubles”, “Sets” so that each device has a battery that has the same amount of charge cycles. I don’t want to charge those “Singles” as a pair!! So individual charging channels are great and help make sure every battery receives their highest possible charge

4.) Refresh – WHAT?? Why would I drain my battery?? Have you ever had a set of batteries that didn’t seem to be working right or holding a long charge? Refreshing that battery (Draining it FULLY and charging it fully) will help revive the battery!! It works wonders!! Problem is, most chargers don’t offer this feature!

5.) Durable construction

6.) 12V car charging option or generator charging option

7.) Can be purchased with or without batteries

8.) Tenergy batteries are actually fairly good batteries!

Tested with and charges the following brands (It should charge any brand)

1.) Eneloop (Awesome batteries)
2.) Amazon Basics (My NUMBER 1 favorite rechargeable battery due to their quality and price)
3.) Sony (Decent batteries but not great)
4.) Goal Zero (House branded solar charger batteries, usually made by eneloop or something)
5.) Tenergy (Decent value batteries! Not the best but fairly good and not the worse! these are my recommended “Budget” brand aside from Amazon Basics which is my #1 recommend brand all together)

1.) Backlight cant be turned off
2.) No Trickle Charge
3.) No quick charge option (I wouldn’t use this option but I know it will be missing for some)
4.) Limited instructions

Overall: For the price, this is a 5 star product!! I wasn’t expecting a charger with the best features for under $40 but this actually comes very close!! The charger works well, is very safe and should protect your batteries.. Tenergy should just add one or 2 basic and simple features and they will have a homerun here!! I do recommend this product

1.) keep your batteries organized.. Your weakest link is your weakest battery! What does that mean? If you have a device that uses 4 batteries and you use 3 new batteries and 1 old battery with 100 cycles, that old battery will determine your battery life!! I keep my batteries organized and all on the same cycle!

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