ACRATO Sleeping Pad TPU Thick Lightweight Air Inflating Camping Mattress Camp Pad attached Pillow For Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking Tents

Short Review: Saw these pads (They are actually a Nature Hike pad) and having good success with Nature Hike before, I figured I would give them a try.. I go camping about 3 times a month and backpacking for most of those trips.. I have VERY HIGH END pads but I always have friends who don’t have a sleeping pad. This will make a GREAT pad for them when we go hiking!

Why do you need a sleeping pad?
1.) Comfort – But this isn’t the only reason
2.) Warmth – Did you know that when you sleep on cold camping trips, you lose most of your warmth to the ground? Your sleeping bag flattens and the ground sucks the heat out of you!! The main purpose of a sleeping pad is to insulate you from the ground!! Now this pad doesn’t have an advertised “R-Value” (Which is how real camping gear companies measure warmth).. This will keep you warm BUT I would caution using it in the “teens” unless you have tested it beforehand.. I will say, it is fine in the 30’s (The temp it is around here currently)
3.) I promise you, after hiking 10 miles a sleeping pad is a luxury you don’t want to be without!

1.) VERY Compact! – Not bulky at all! This is smaller than MOST water bottles meaning it wont take up much room in your pack

2.) Lightweight – Every OUNCE counts!! This doesn’t weigh much so no worries there


4.) Includes Blow Up Bag (Think Pump) – YEAH you can probably blow it up quicker by mouth BUT the moisture from your lungs is VERY VERY bad on sleeping pads.. The pump bag will prolong the life of your pad

5.) Same materials as my REI and other name brand pads! This should last!!

6.) Durable – I took this out this weekend and had no issues.. It stayed aired up.. It seems to be well made.. And quality is great.. I wouldn’t worry about the durability of this pad (If it ends up failing, I will update my review)

7.) Quite Pad – Ever had a noisy pad that wakes up the entire campsite? DON’T BE THAT GUY!!! This pad is quite

8.) Includes Pillow

9.) Easy to inflate by mouth or pump bag (Again I Recommend using pump bag

10.) Pump bag works on my thermarest pads!!

11.) Includes one way valve for inflating PLUS a quick deflate by opening the valve the rest of the way up!

12.) Wonderful VALUE – My REI pad is over $100! Most of my other pads are to.. This pad is a GREAT VALUE


1.) No advertised R-Value – Meaning I really don’t know how warm it will be.. Again, it was fine in the 30’s.. I have reached out to Acrato to see if there is an R-Value for this pad

Overall – Simply amazing for the price!! I highly recommend it

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LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen

***Received in Exchange of Honest Review***

Updates (At bottom of review):
1.) 11/20/16 – After several months of use, the mattress is still performing VERY WELL and holding its shape GREAT!!

When Linenspa asked me to review this, I had actually been in the market for both a bed and mattress upgrade.. I was tired of my feet hanging off my full sized bed.. PLUS my current bed/mattress was over 15 years old. SO I decided to purchase a Zinus 2000H platform bed (Modern Studio design which looks awesome in a smaller apartment) in queen size to go with this and requested that LinenSpa send their Queen sized mattress.. They agreed!

After First Nights Sleep – If you are used to one of those fancy $1,000 mattresses this might not be for you.. BUT it was an upgrade for me, one I could feel and tell during my sleep.. Keep in mind, I moved out of my parents house about 12 years ago! BUT spent 4 years in dorms (Furnished crappy mattress) and 2 years in a fully furnished apartment (Decent but not fancy mattress) BEFORE moving to my current unfurnished apartment.. The mattress and bed I have now is a hand me down that is over 15 years old.. Needless to say it was time for a new mattress BUT also keep in mind that I have never owned one of those fancy $500 – $1000 mattresses either.. With that being said THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have used! Its VERY springy and bouncy like a spring mattress should be HOWEVER it still has a nice firm feel to it! The memory foam top is perfect! I do not feel the springs in the mattress and the foam conforms to my body WITHOUT me sinking into it like a lot of memory foam mattresses I have read about. Two people sleep on this without any issues! One of the best nights sleep I have had in a VERY VERY LONG TIME!! (Will update this review if my sleeps end up becoming worse)

Delivery: Was quick VIA UPS (for me). It arrived in a box that I could easily move and position.. The box was large and over 50 pounds BUT not hard to move alone. It was packaged well vacuum sealed with an extra layer of plastic around the mattress for protection! This was great because it was delivered in the middle of a storm but the mattress stayed 100% dry the entire time it was out on my patio waiting for me to arrive home.

1.) Fine for two people – Doesn’t sag or break down with two people.. Very comfortable with two people..
2.) True QUEEN size mattress
3.) Full 8 Inch mattress like described! It did take about 3 hours to reach the full 8 inches though.. After I opened the mattress it quickly raised to about 6.5 inches in under a minute!
4.) Mine wasn’t delivered with any funky smells or anything
5.) Cool mattress – Being a hybrid, it didn’t seem nearly as hot as the few memory foam mattresses I have spent the night on here and there visiting people and places.
6.) Seems to be well made! Thick materials.. Nice stitching. It looks very high quality!
7.) No boxspring is needed if used on a platform bed
8.) Delivered to my home in an easy to move box! Lay the wrapped up mattress on the finished bed and cut it open! It fully expanded and no need to try and maneuver a large mattress all over the place!

Overall: I have only had this mattress one night but so far I am in love with it! It is a great budget mattress and is very well made!! If anything changes and the mattress fails or starts to sag or even becomes uncomfortable I WILL update this review but as of now I am very happy with it!! If you are used to one of those $1000 mattresses you probably wont like this, but it is an upgrade for me and one I can tell and feel during my sleep.. It is a great upgrade!

Update 7/31/16: I wanted to update this review after 4 nights of sleep and I wanted to say I still love this mattress.. It is still fully expanded.. It is holding it’s shape well on the Zinus platform bed with slats.. I am waking very rested without any aches or pains.. I sleep better on this than my old mattress!! So overall STILL Very happy with it.. I will try and update again in a few weeks so that new customers can see how it is still performing!

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