UPGRADED Stud Finder Sharkk Multi-Function Precision Wood Metal and AC Electrical Wire Scanning Wall Stud Finder Detector with LCD Display

My Use: Needed to install wall mount for 65 INCH TV.. Mount needs to be in studs in order to be “Safe”

Short Review: Excellent FULL of FEATURES stud finder!! I used this today to help install a flat screen TV mount and it worked wonderfully well!! It’s so easy to use and the buttons and grip are all very natural!

1.) No “HOLDING” buttons – No need to hold the “Power” button or stud finding button like a lot of cheaper models.. Just press it once and move the finder! Holding is very uncomfortable on cheaper models

2.) Bright Screen

3.) Easy to read screen

4.) Easy to read ICONS

5.) Nice “BEEP” adding an audible way to know where studs or power lines are

6.) Can easily find “Power Lines” inside your wall

7.) Includes battery

Overall: Simply put, this allowed me to hand my 65 inch tv mount easily! Now I don’t have any worries about the 65 INCH TV falling off my wall