Yuneec Breeze Personal Camera

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Introduction: I own SEVERAL multirotor copters including the Yuneec Typhoon Quad, 3DR Solo, Phantom 3 & 4, and a few others.. I also own several hobby quads!! The new “Hot Thing” for copters now though are the “Selfie” drones.. Several are being made and Yuneec is one of the first of the big companies to release them!!

What is a Selfie Drone: Simply put, its a VERY easy drone to fly and its main purpose is for photos and videos of friends.. It’s not designed to a thousand of feet in the air (FAA doesn’t allow this anyways but other drones can do this), it’s not designed to fly miles away, its not designed for professional video or photos.. Yuneec will even admit that!! This is designed to stuff in my backpack and take on a hike! Or to take to the beach or even ski trip or something!! It’s small, its compact, and it doesn’t weight much!! It’s designed to push a button and it flies up, takes a photo and lands!

FAA Registration: This quad with batteries weights 13 ounces so it technically needs to be registered with the FAA. Not an issue for me because remember your FAA registration follows YOU not the copters.. I am already registered so no big deal and if you aren’t its super fast and easy!! Can be done online in under 5 mins and only cost $5.00

Short Review: I just received my Breeze today so I have been playing around with it all evening!! It’s simply amazing!!! It’s fun to fly (In pilot mode), its easy to fly, and it takes GREAT photos!!!! Everything you needed is included in a small carrying case INCLUDING an extra battery!!! The APP works on both Android and IOS (I tested on both, but I prefer Android) and the app works well!!! The copter has several “Easy” modes such as “Follow Me”, “Orbit”, and “Selfie” but it also has a “Pilot” mode for the more adventurist that want to fly it like a real quad!! Just keep in mind, this is a WiFi quad controlled from your phone so the range isn’t going to be the best!! I found the range to be great however and MUCH MUCH BETTER than most “Hobby” style quads you can get at toy stores and hobby shops!! Yuneec has just released one of the BEST if not an almost perfect quad for beginners and those who just want selfies and to take photos from the sky!!!!

1.) App Controlled – Meaning you don’t have to carry a bulky or hard to use controller around.. Just your mobile device!! This can also be a downside though, because native controllers usually have a longer range.. BUT REMEMBER this is a selfie drone so it’s not designed for range!

2.) Battery Life – Is about 12 minutes but the quad comes with 2 batteries which is 24 total minutes of battery life.. No difference between this and the larger quads like DJI Phantom or 3DR. The battery is smaller so you have less life per battery but two are included 🙂

3.) Modes – I love all the modes!! I will have more time this weekend to play with the modes and see how well they all work when I take this up to the mountains!! But the modes include “Pilot Mode” which is the one I played with most today.. This mode is for those who want to actually fly this around.. You have full control (Except for Landing) of the quad.. To land, you must hit the land button and let it land on its own”.. “Selfie Mode” is just that!! The quad takes off, you can then tell it to lower or go higher and it takes a selfie of you and your friends!!. “Orbit” mode orbits around you and takes video!! “Journey” is like a stripped down classic waypoint mode.. send the drone out and have it come back recording you! SIMPLE!! And “Follow Me” mode does just that! It follows you!! You determine how high and how far you want the quad to stay away and it follows your movement.. I tested this on my bike, just on a short ride around my apartment and it worked WONDERFULLY!!

4.) Included Accessories – Includes ALL YOU NEED!! Extra Battery, Extra Props, even a little hard case!!

5.) Fits in a backpack!! Easily toss this in your backpack or even small sling bag!! Its small!!!

6.) Yuneec Quality – Yuneec makes wonderful products and has an AMAZING customer service team and always have!! The breeze holds true to those claims!! IT’S QUALITY is AMAZING and built VERY VERY WELL!!!

7.) Indoor Flying (Be SURE TO TURN GPS OFF first, I made the mistake and didn’t and it drifted and I almost crashed) – With GPS off though, the quad held its position PERFECTLY indoors!! Honestly this is the easiest and the best flying quad for indoor use!!! With GPS off it didn’t drift a bit indoors!!

8.) Easy to get up and flying – I was in the AIR about one hour after picking this up from UPS.. I would have been flying much faster if I didn’t have to charge the batteries! That’s how easy it is to fly!!!

9.) Photo Quality is VERY GOOD!! Not as good as my larger Yuneec Typhoon but that is expected!! I was VERY VERY impressed with photo quality!!! (I should have a few more photo samples to upload after this weekend but I tossed one simple one up now from our lake area)

10.) Video Quality is GOOD AND STABILIZED!! I didn’t take any real video today while playing but I did take a few test videos!! I will take a real video this weekend and post it but it was very good and VERY STABLE!!!

11.) APP – I found the app to WORK GREAT!! I know in the past, Yuneec (And even other quad makers) have had a lot of complaints about their Android Apps.. This is the issue, when developing IOS apps you have ONE PHONE to develop for.. When you develop Android apps you have THOUSANDS.. The app for quads is usually a fairly powerful app! Something that wont run very well on crappy $20 Android phones.. On my Nexus 6P the app worked GREAT and was super easy to use!!

12.) Safety is NUMBER 1 – I tested a number of the safety features today and they worked fine!! I took a call during a flight (Quad just hovered in place), I turned the phone off mid flight to simulate a power failure and in a little over a minute the Yuneec Breeze landed safely (Please NOTE i did this in a safe area with the quad NOT VERY HIGH in case anything happened!!).. They also include prop guards for indoor flying!!

13.) A BABY CAN FLY IT! – NO REALLY!!! All you have to do is push a button!! SO even a baby can fly it 🙂 Thats how easy it is to fly!!

14.) Easy UPLOAD to social networks – ONE touch uploading to YouTube, Twitter, and others! I am sure more to come as well.. No need to take home and “Edit” (You can do this in the app), and then UPLOAD from the app!! Do it all while at the beach!!

15.) Does fine in the WIND – Today was fairly windy and I had no issues playing with it this evening.. I know this was a worry of a lot of people!! I flew it to about 78FT today (The sample photo I have posted) and it did fine in the wind!! Max altitude should be around 200FT it says but I am not brave enough to try that just yet in this!! My Typhoon has been about 1358FT in the air before!

16.) Range – Range seems fine for a WiFi controlled drone.. No issues yet but I haven’t really tested out the range!! I flew 78FT high with no issues though but the drone was pretty much right over me

17.) Spare parts are available – And are super easy to replace by yourself!!! For example, your landing gear breaks? Just twist it off and buy another for under $10 and you are good to go!! For this price, I will have a few spare parts on hand!! Motors, computers, and anything inside the quad can also be replaced by the user!


1.) Connecting to WiFi was spotty and I did have to reset both my WiFi and the quad several times before it showed up.. Nothing MAJOR to worry about but for those who aren’t very good with phones or computers, this MIGHT cause frustration or people thinking their quad is messed up!!

Overall: These new “Selfie” drones are new on the market and honestly, this is the first one I have tried!!! I love the concept of them and really hope it will get more people into the hobby of quadcopters!! This is a VERY WELL MADE and VERY EASY quad to fly, one that anyone should be able to fly.. It is an EXCELLENT product and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting a drone for themselves!!

***Please note, these are all my initial impressions as I know a lot of people will be curious since this just released.. I plan to play with it A LOT more this weekend but I firmly believe it will be EVEN BETTER!!! I will come back and upload more photos and even video when I find that perfect “Selfie” to upload!! BUT ALSO if I find any complaints I will also be sure to post about them.. So far my only complaint was due to the WiFi being hard to connect to my phone but hey I am sure Yuneec will release firmware updates soon to fix any issues OTHERS might find.. Being an early adopter and tester of several quads I know a lot have “Bugs” when they are first to release BUT SO FAR this has been the BEST and most READY TO RELEASE quad on release date that I have seen!***

YouTube Videos:

Changing Props

Introduction to the Breeze

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Chill Gorilla Rain Cover for Hammocks

Short Review: Unfortunately we are in a drought here and it hasn’t rained much this month so I can’t really test it’s waterproofness BUT from the materials to the build quality I feel 100% Safe saying this is 100% waterproof!! I have a big campout planned in two weeks and this IS THE FLY I will be taking! Everything about this fly is simply AMAZING!! It is made of the same PU Coated Nylon Tafetta Ripstop that the ENO Profly is made of BUT IT IS MUCH LARGER AND MUCH less expensive!! This fly even has reinforced corners (The ENO Profly doesn’t).. It also comes with stakes and cord! (ENO comes with cords but no stakes) With that being said, I am a huge fan of ENO products but their Profly left me wanting a lot more for the price.. (I do however like their profly sil but only when I am using my featherlite setup).. This Chill Gorilla rainfly I think MIGHT BE THE ONE I take on my regular campouts!!! This is a very nice rain fly for hammocks.

I even took this to show one of my outdoor friends today at work and he was ALSO very impressed with the size (He is another ENO fan like me but has also been wanting a larger tarp). Needless to say, he will be ordering one of these next paycheck he says! Its a very NICE fly!

1.) VERY LARGE – Provides PLENTY of coverage.. The ENO Profly was GREAT in the rain but in storms I always got a little damp.. It just wasn’t big enough to stop the blowing winds.. This is MUCH LONGER and wider and I can keep my hammock VERY high in this fly and it goes down much further WAY past the hammock.. It is also MUCH longer than my hammock so I feel safe saying that blowing winds wont be an issue..

2.) Protects from the RAIN & SUN – I use rain flys for more than rain!! I set them up high to block sun on sunny days when I am just relaxing in my hammocks!! This fly is plenty large enough to setup and block the sun!! Being a dark color it will block most of the sun and heat!!! Set it up high enough and you wont feel any heat coming off the fly! I have had plenty of black tarps and they never make me hot in the sun

3.) Reinforced corners – Always an added durability plus!

4.) Includes Stakes – Making this an even better value!!

5.) Lightweight – Weighs only 1.68 pounds.. Being 24% larger than eno this is to be expected but I figured it would weigh even more! The ENO Profly weighs 1.31 pounds.. My Profly SIL only weighs 1 pound BUT it is a much thinner silicon infused nylon and it doesn’t provide nearly as much shade as the material is very thin!! I only use it on featherlite trips.

6.) Excellent Value – being made from the same 210D PU coated nylon as ENO, being LARGER than most other tarps on the market, including stakes, and ALREADY costing less than half of the big boys MAKES this a GREAT choice and excellent value

7.) Awesome LOGO – I still love the amazing Chill Gorilla logo

8.) All packs down in a bag about the size of a football.. So slightly larger than other tarps for hammocks but again, this is a larger tarp!! It still packed into my 85L Osprey with ease along with hammocks, sleeping bags, clothes, food, and other stuff I place in my bag (Already packing for my campout in a few weeks).. Size is not an issue unless you have a small pack BUT if that is the case, you are probably featherlite backpacking anyways

Overall: This is the BEST fly I have used and seen!! It might not be the best on the market but IT IS THE BEST I have used or seen and I have used several from even the large companies!! I own a Profly from ENO and a rain fly from Grand Trunk.. I also own a Kelty Noahs Tarp and a few others.. This Chill Gorilla blows them all out of the water!!

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Excellent DEVICE!! This thing has the SPECS of my IMAC but it is essentially a Tablet!! When I was buying it, someone else was looking at one and said “Ohhh its like an IPAD” the I said, “an Ipad on steroids! Spec wise this is more like a macbook”.. Anyways with that being said I LOVE MINE.. With that being said, I ended up getting mine from Microsoft directly because of their AMAZING bundle deals (See below)

My Use: I am a student and Windows on my IMAC Crashed (Due to an IMAC issue) and I needed something semi powerful to run Access and a few other school applications.. This SURFACE works very well for that and I have found that I am using it for more and more everyday!

Version: I got the i5 with 8GB of ram and a type cover

1.) Powerful – This really is essentially a laptop when it comes to specs.. The i5, while not the newest processor, is a very powerful processor.. It is strong enough for video editing of 4K video, photo editing, and basic gaming!! I have been playing Cities Skylines now on mine without any isses

2.) All in one DEVICE – Tablet! You got it here! Laptop!! You got it here!! Streaming Media Device! You Got it here!! Feels great in hand as a tablet and works very well on your lap as a laptop!

3.) Sits on your lap with a type cover – I hear mixed reviews on this BUT I do get this to sit on my lap with the type cover.. Just like a real laptop!! No issues doing this for me!

4.) Battery Life – The downside of the i5 version, instead of the core M version is the battery life isn’t nearly as good.. But after testing the core M and the i5 side by side, I could feel the difference between the two processors!! The core M was much more sluggish than the i5 so I feel battery life is a good trade off.. If you don’t need the power go for the M version.. The M version DOES STILL have a lot of power

5.) Media Device – GREAT DEVICE for Media!! At the time of this review, if you buy from Microsoft you even get 3 months of free Hulu.. This tablet works WONDERFULLY with Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and other streaming services!!!

6.) FULL WINDOWS – I know, a lot of people have mixed reviews when it comes to Windows 8.1 and 10.. It’s growing on me BUT this is a full Windows device.. That means you are not limited to tablet apps.. You can download anything that can be installed on Windows Systems..

7.) WORK, relax, OR PLAY!!! Office works GREAT on it, it plays steam games fine on medium graphics (Older games it plays fine on high graphics), and like I said it works GREAT with relaxing to movies while streaming on netflix

8.) Includes USB port – Grab a USB hub if you need more ports but with everything being wireless now, I really don’t use the USB port much at all

9.) Full customization – Don’t like the stock versions?? Go to Microsoft directly and you can build your own surface!!!

10.) VALUE (Bundles) – This is honestly a great product especially if you take advantage of the bundles at Microsoft stores!! For mine, I got the Surface and the type cover for regular price minus 10% for my student discount! BUT they offered a bundle that included FREE extended warranty with accident protection! Free sleeve! Free 1 year of Microsoft Office! And free 3 months of Hulu!! Wonderful deal if you ask me

11.) Microsoft Complete Care – Great warranty service.. Again, I got mine for free with a bundle BUT I dropped my first surface.. Took it to the Microsoft Kiosk at the mall and paid my $50/fee and walked out with a BRAND NEW ONE.. no questions asked!! Just a few jokes about being more careful was all!!

12.) Small! Takes up no space in a backpack!!

13.) MicroSD Card Slot – I use my Surface a lot for photo and video editing now.. This takes up a lot of memory!! I have purchased a 128GB MicroSD card to expand my memory. This is really something I didn’t expect to do much on my Surface, but I have found that video and photo editing works VERY WELL on it! I just needed more memory BUT I HAVE THAT MEMORY!! Plus, I can plug my GoPro memory card directly into the Surface and do all the editing on it

Overall: Coming from a Mac fan I really enjoy this Windows Device!! I found it easy to use, very powerful, and a WELL BUILT product.. It might not be for everyone but this is a premium device, one made just as well and just as nice as Ipads or something else top of the line! I highly recommend this! I purchased it for school but found that I am using it more than my IMAC and tablets I own!

**Product WAS NOT provided in exchange of honest review**