RUSTIC TOWN Handmade Vintage Antique Leather Journal Diary Notebook For Men & Women Unlined Paper 5×7 inches Travel Diary

I love vintage notebooks and carry them with me daily! This notebook is excellent.. It had a very masculine feel with thick, natural leather.. it smells strong of leather, which I love! The paper inside is excellent quality! The textured leather is unique! This easily fits in my bag making it easy to carry daily!

Great for
1.) Diaries
2.) Journals
3.) Art
4.) Taking Notes (my use)

And more! I highly recommend this

Cosmos, Jass, Green Waterproof/All Weather/Shower/Aqua Notes/Notepad/Notebook

Short Review: Almost identical to rite in rain products! Quality is outstanding and price is a STEAL!

1.) Waterproof – This paper is waterproof and is made almost identical to rite in rain notebooks
2.) Price – Rite in Rain is about $6/notebook.. These are about $2 a notebook
3.) Works WONDERFULLY with rite in rain or space pens!
4.) Durable notebooks! Hold up well carrying daily as a “Butt Book” (Book in your back pocket)

Overall: I have no issues with these notebooks! I take them hiking, camping, carry them daily to work! Price is wonderful and quality is just as good as the big boys such as rite in rain!

1.) These work best with all weather pens such as fisher space pens or rite in rain pens

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