Simple Men’s Barney-91l Chukka Boot

Short Review: Awesome Shoes! They were a little stiff at first and felt strange due to the skateshoe bottom, but after an hour or so these are the most comfortable boots I have owned.. Quality is outstanding (real leather), sewn on sole, and just durable overall. They look so sharp with jeans! Not to dressy but not to slouchy either.

1.) Price – Awesome deal on these shoes! Even at full price, I have paid more for boots that fall apart.

2.) Durable leather! They smell like leather, feel like leather, and are true genuine leather.. they are durable! Well made boots

3.) Skateshoe Bottom – Want a pair of boots that feel like tennis shoes? If so these are the most! The skateboard bottom is great! It provides great traction but with the comfort of a skateshoe or tennis shoe.

4.) Fit wonderfully well! I’m always a 10.5 in shoes and in these a 10.5 works great.. not to narrow, not to wide.. I think sometimes when people say shoes are narrow and wide, they don’t realize that is actually part of the sizing..

5.) Simple – they look simple.. nothing fancy but that’s what make these great!

6.) Comfortable – I wear these all day and they feel like tennis shoes

7.) Sewn on sole – I recently had a pair of sanuks that were glued and not sewn. They didn’t last a month! Sewn on is the way to go!

Overall – Sharp shoes that look awesome with jeans!

RUSTIC TOWN Handmade Vintage Antique Leather Journal Diary Notebook For Men & Women Unlined Paper 5×7 inches Travel Diary

I love vintage notebooks and carry them with me daily! This notebook is excellent.. It had a very masculine feel with thick, natural leather.. it smells strong of leather, which I love! The paper inside is excellent quality! The textured leather is unique! This easily fits in my bag making it easy to carry daily!

Great for
1.) Diaries
2.) Journals
3.) Art
4.) Taking Notes (my use)

And more! I highly recommend this