Adam’s Interior Detailer

If you are looking for a detail spray that leaves your car CLEAN, provides UV protection, and one that DOESN’T make your car look like it has been attacked with oil, THIS STUFF IS GREAT!!! You don’t need the greasy look Armorall leaves to protect your interior from the sun.. Adam’s does just as good of a job, probably better, without all the greasy residue!! It cleans great and leaves the car smelling good! It can be used on all parts of your interior so Nav Screen, Plastics, Dash, Gear Shifter, whatever, it doesn’t matter! It works GREAT ON ALL!!!

1.) If used correctly, this provides a streak free finish even on plastics and Nav Screen

2.) Smells GREAT

3.) One bottle goes a very long way!

4.) Doesn’t leave anything GREASY

5.) Provides protection from the sun to keep your interior from fading, from cracking, or anything the sun can do to it!

6.) Well worth the price!!

I highly recommend this to anyone!!

Adam’s Polishes Introduction

This is a new company I have recently been introduced to, trying to keep my new KIA Niro sparkling!!!  I will be posting several SIMPLE reviews of their products mixed in with my other reviews..  Below you will find links of several of their products I love!  Adam’s Polishes is a great company and they offer great chemicals and tools to help keep your car clean and sparkling!

Those three products are some of their simple solutions to keep your vehicle clean! But they have a lot more!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their sidekick dryer!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their Swirl Killer polisher!  Be on the lookout for reviews of their other tools and chemicals!! I look forward to bringing more about Adam’s to my blog in the upcoming weeks