Nevo Hybrid Smartwatch Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Android or IOS Phone,Silver Case, Black Strap

Short Review: Sexy, and NICE LOOKING watch!! Easy to pair and full of features! Looks like a very nice watch because it is!! Keeps very accurate time and also doubles as a fitness tracker! The included Android or IOS app is easy to navigate and figure out.. While this watch doesn’t have all the features of an Apple Watch or Android wear, it is a good watch to notify you of any messages you receive!

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch? Its a watch that basically alerts you of notifications.. It does it discreetly! About the only thing it doesn’t do is allow you to read your messages and what not!!

1.) Very sleek and sexy design.. This watch looks AWESOME!! The leather band has a nice texture to it.. The watch has a very expensive look to it.. This watch will pair with both casual and dress clothes!

2.) Holds a strong connection – I have read reviews about connection dropping and stuff but owning several smartwatches like I own, I know that connection issues can usually be tracked down to the phone itself and not the watch.. My phone has no issues with smartwatches and never has so this watch works fine!! I have been wearing it for a week and so far hasn’t lost connection once

3.) Easy to Pair – I did have an issue pairing at first but it was because my Android wear watch was connected.. I disconnected it and the Nevo paired right up!! Now I can leave them all connected at once without any issues

4.) Easy to tell what type of message you have – The different LEDS are super easy to read and easy to know what type of alert you have

5.) Very DURABLE and HIGH QUALITY – Quality is EXCELLENT and the band is full leather and a nice leather at that. There is nothing cheap about this watch

6.) Doesn’t need to be charged daily or even weekly!!!

7.) Includes extra battery

8.) I use with both IOS and Android and have no issues with either!

9.) Comes with a VERY NICE gift packaging!

Overall: I have about 6 Android Wear watches, an apple watch and this is my first hybrid.. So far I like it! I purchased it to wear when I need something that looks like a real watch and I am not able to charge it everyday! This watch is perfect for that! You never have to charge it and its a REAL WATCH!! But it can still alert you of text, emails, calls, facebook and more! I highly recommend it

2017 Kia Niro LX

Youtube Reviews/Videos on my Niro Here

Base Infotainment System Review

I normally don’t do car reviews (Because I don’t buy a new car often) but did recently get this and wanted to let folks know what I LIKE about my new car!

Short Review (Summary): Great CAR! Excellent GAS Mileage, full of features and you get a lot of car for the price!! I would recommend anyone looking for a hybrid to give this a shot! A lot of features and car without the Hybrid “Premium” price tag.. Size wise, this is between the Soul and Sportage.. It also falls between those two price wise so again a Hybrid without the premium tag

Version: LX
Color: Black
Mileage : Purchased with 4 miles now I have 1201 on it (only on the third tank of gas and it is at “F” at the time of this review)
Average MPG: After 2 tanks, on my third I average 51.2 MPG

Vehicles are very personal.. What I like, you might hate.. What you like, I might hate.. What meets my needs might not meet yours.. With that being said, this review is based on what I LIKE about this car and how it is performing for my needs

1.) Hybrid – Gas/Hybrid Engine..
2.) Dual Clutch Transmission – No CTV like a lot of hybrids have.. The dual clutch is awesome and in “Sport” mode this has a lot of power for a hybrid
3.) Gas Mileage – I normally average 50MPG by the time I empty a tank.. It starts out looking like you are going to have pretty bad gas mileage, but wait until you empty the tank!! You will then probably have the average up to about 50MPG in the LX version
4.) 500 – 550 miles per tank of gas! Great for road trips!
5.) AndroidAuto and Apple Carplay – Mine doesn’t have GPS built in but no need with AndroidAuto which is standard in these. I can use google maps or waze
6.) SiriusXM
7.) Stock stereo is pretty good.. If you get the technology package you get a GREAT Stereo
8.) Sports Mode – Sports mode is very sporty for a hybrid!!
9.) Great interior – Doesn’t look or feel cheap! Yeah, its not the fanciest interior but its not some cheapo feeling $10,000 car interior
10.) Great Size – I test drove this, a Soul, and a sportage.. The Niro is sized right in between both of those..
11.) Great PRICE – Not only is it sized in between the sportage and the soul, it is also priced between them!! You don’t really pay a premium for the Hybrid Motor.
12.) This little car will travel for about 10+ miles on EV only if you are level and doing between 40 – 60! That’s great for a hybrid
13.) Push button start
14.) Plenty of room for travel and friends!
15.) Very Smooth Ride

1.) When using battery power the “Range until Empty” doesn’t seem to go up so as far as I can tell the “Range until Empty” is just an estimate based on what the gas motor is using. I am sure something is taking into consideration the electric motor when it shows the range but it doesn’t update.. For example, around 40MPH going down hill it will use the battery motor for several miles and the entire time it will say 432 miles until empty even though that hasn’t changed in about 5 miles and has been on EV mode for about 5 miles..

2.) Does not include spare tire.. I purchased one online for about $160 though. The wheel well for the tire is there but the car only comes with a can of goo and a pump

Overall I love this car and so far I haven’t found anything I can’t stand about it! Yeah, there are a few things Kia can probably change but by no means does that make this a bad car! Its excellent and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Hybrid to give this a testdrive

LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen

***Received in Exchange of Honest Review***

Updates (At bottom of review):
1.) 11/20/16 – After several months of use, the mattress is still performing VERY WELL and holding its shape GREAT!!

When Linenspa asked me to review this, I had actually been in the market for both a bed and mattress upgrade.. I was tired of my feet hanging off my full sized bed.. PLUS my current bed/mattress was over 15 years old. SO I decided to purchase a Zinus 2000H platform bed (Modern Studio design which looks awesome in a smaller apartment) in queen size to go with this and requested that LinenSpa send their Queen sized mattress.. They agreed!

After First Nights Sleep – If you are used to one of those fancy $1,000 mattresses this might not be for you.. BUT it was an upgrade for me, one I could feel and tell during my sleep.. Keep in mind, I moved out of my parents house about 12 years ago! BUT spent 4 years in dorms (Furnished crappy mattress) and 2 years in a fully furnished apartment (Decent but not fancy mattress) BEFORE moving to my current unfurnished apartment.. The mattress and bed I have now is a hand me down that is over 15 years old.. Needless to say it was time for a new mattress BUT also keep in mind that I have never owned one of those fancy $500 – $1000 mattresses either.. With that being said THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have used! Its VERY springy and bouncy like a spring mattress should be HOWEVER it still has a nice firm feel to it! The memory foam top is perfect! I do not feel the springs in the mattress and the foam conforms to my body WITHOUT me sinking into it like a lot of memory foam mattresses I have read about. Two people sleep on this without any issues! One of the best nights sleep I have had in a VERY VERY LONG TIME!! (Will update this review if my sleeps end up becoming worse)

Delivery: Was quick VIA UPS (for me). It arrived in a box that I could easily move and position.. The box was large and over 50 pounds BUT not hard to move alone. It was packaged well vacuum sealed with an extra layer of plastic around the mattress for protection! This was great because it was delivered in the middle of a storm but the mattress stayed 100% dry the entire time it was out on my patio waiting for me to arrive home.

1.) Fine for two people – Doesn’t sag or break down with two people.. Very comfortable with two people..
2.) True QUEEN size mattress
3.) Full 8 Inch mattress like described! It did take about 3 hours to reach the full 8 inches though.. After I opened the mattress it quickly raised to about 6.5 inches in under a minute!
4.) Mine wasn’t delivered with any funky smells or anything
5.) Cool mattress – Being a hybrid, it didn’t seem nearly as hot as the few memory foam mattresses I have spent the night on here and there visiting people and places.
6.) Seems to be well made! Thick materials.. Nice stitching. It looks very high quality!
7.) No boxspring is needed if used on a platform bed
8.) Delivered to my home in an easy to move box! Lay the wrapped up mattress on the finished bed and cut it open! It fully expanded and no need to try and maneuver a large mattress all over the place!

Overall: I have only had this mattress one night but so far I am in love with it! It is a great budget mattress and is very well made!! If anything changes and the mattress fails or starts to sag or even becomes uncomfortable I WILL update this review but as of now I am very happy with it!! If you are used to one of those $1000 mattresses you probably wont like this, but it is an upgrade for me and one I can tell and feel during my sleep.. It is a great upgrade!

Update 7/31/16: I wanted to update this review after 4 nights of sleep and I wanted to say I still love this mattress.. It is still fully expanded.. It is holding it’s shape well on the Zinus platform bed with slats.. I am waking very rested without any aches or pains.. I sleep better on this than my old mattress!! So overall STILL Very happy with it.. I will try and update again in a few weeks so that new customers can see how it is still performing!

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