Brydge 12.3 Bluetooth Keyboard for Microsoft Surface

Short Review (Summary): Excellent Keyboard, One that fixes one of Microsofts Flaws.. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually like the Microsoft Keyboards (The type covers) but the flaw I speak of is the fact that Microsoft hasn’t came out with a keyboard like this for the pro 4 surfaces! We all know they can, the Surface book has one but Microsoft refuses to make a smaller version of the Surface Book keyboard for their Pro 4 tablets! I would gladly spend $200+ on an official one from Microsoft if they made it! With that being said, this keyboard from Brydge Technologies is EXCELLENT! It has a premium feel, it works GREAT, and the touchpad is fine! Thank you Brydge for doing this! Maybe Microsoft can learn from you all!

My Use: I use on a Surface Pro 4 and have been using this almost exclusively for 1 month now.. No issues and battery still charged! After 1 month, its still at a green level charge even!.. No damage has been done to my surface either

Tips (First I would like to address some of the complaints I have read as an IT guy)
1.) You can set the touchpad to be disabled if you use another mouse.. This option is found in your system settings under mouse on Windows 10..
2.) The touchpad is very sensitive but this can also be changed under your system settings..
3.) Microsoft wont allow ANY third party company to use their port that the normal keyboards use.. Don’t blame Brydge, blame Microsoft for this.. I’m sure Brydge would use it if they could!!
4.) A lot of YouTube videos say they keyboard has to be turned on/off.. I never turn mine off and have used it for over a month now on the first charge.. It will SLEEP when you close you Surface..
5.) This comes setup for the surface pro 4 or the new surface pro tablets.. BUT you have rubber inserts for Surface 3 tablets

1.) Very strong Bluetooth connection.. This works just as well as expensive Bluetooth keyboards, like apple keyboards and whatnot
2.) Has all the buttons that official Microsoft Surface Type Covers have.. It includes volume buttons, email buttons, play buttons and more.. Mostly in the same place as the type cover buttons so no need to learn new buttons
3.) Keyboard feels GREAT in hand and keys are very comfortable to use..
4.) Backlight is great and can be turned off
5.) I have been using mine very heavily for a month now and still on the original charge
6.) Easy to read battery indicator. Just press the battery button!
7.) Easy to pair
8.) Quick Start guide will have you up and running in 2 minutes or less
9.) VERY premium build and materials! This doesn’t feel like some cheap crappy keyboard! It is very nice and has an expensive Surface or Apple feel to it
10.) I have NEVER dropped any keystrokes! It always registers them all everytime and the first time!
11.) Price – This only cost slightly more than a regular Surface Type cover!
12.) Turns the Surface Pro 4 into a SURFACE BOOK type tablet
13.) Matches the Surface perfectly! Looks like Microsoft built this!
14.) Feels GREAT using on your lap or in the car or on a plane!
15.) Holds the surface VERY WELL!! I have no worries my surface will fall out of this keyboard!

Cons (Advice to Brydge)
1.) No Battery Bank – I know it would be fairly hard to charge the surface from a battery in the Keyboard but even a built in battery bank would work wonders!
2.) No USB hub – I would gladly plug this keyboard into my one USB slot (If you provide a slim cable) and it would be great if the Keyboard had a USB Hub built in!

Overall: I hope Microsoft learns from this and learns that their is a market for hard keyboards like their Surface Book Keyboard.. There is no reason, other than them not wanting to, to not provide us with the option to buy keyboards like this.. I hope Brydge is very successful with this Keyboard and hope that Microsoft learns and makes one themselves!

HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case – Waterproof Rugged Compact Storage Case

Short Review: I have owned a lot of HOBBYTIGER items in the past so when I purchased my Mavic last week, I decided to go with them for the case!!! This case is simply AMAZING and I only have one suggestion to Hobbytiger if they ever want to improve this case. What is that suggestion?

Suggestion: Place thicker foam on the lid.. At times I can hear my Mavic or controller bouncing around due to the top foam not being very thick.. Is this a protection issue for my Mavic? I do not believe so, this case seems to protect it very well!!

1.) Small but HOLDS a lot!! – The case is small but holds a lot! What’s the point of a Mavic if you are buying a very large case for it? Exactly!

2.) Mavic is a snug fit – Should provide GREAT protection for it

3.) Nice Cutouts – Cutouts are very nice!

4.) Can hold 3 batteries – one in the mavic, and two spares! YES THE BATTERY slot works great and the batteries fit fine even though the stick up!

5.) Very good controller cutout!

6.) Excellent Price

7.) Case seems to be built very well! Not as nice as a real pelican but you pay for those! This case is wonderful!

Overall: Wonderful case! I highly recommend this case to anyone!! ITS AWESOME

VectoTech Rapid 1TB External SSD USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive

Planned USE (Photo management and editing on two systems): I recently purchased a Surface Pro 4 Tablet and have been enjoying using it in the field for photo editing via Lightroom and Photoshop.. My home computer is an iMac and it was the computer with my lightroom catalog on it. I thought, “wouldn’t it be awesome top put my entire catalog onto an external instead of managing two different catalogs”.. So I put my entire catalog onto a 1TB Toshiba Drive (Standard Magnetic Disk Drive, not SSD) and noticed a significant performance loss! I wanted to find something to get that performance back. After researching I found that an SSD drive should do the trick.. Problem is, most are VERY EXPENSIVE!! And the cheap drives are actually Hybrids meaning 128GBs are SSD and the rest is a Magnetic Disk Drive.. That would be worthless for me I need a full SSD such as this one from VectoTech!

Short Review (How did it perform): Simple answer is THIS DOES THE TRICK and I got all performance PLUS SOME back!! The VectoTech drive is about $75 – $100 less expensive than the better known drives on the market making it a GREAT VALUE! I got the performance back that I was missing and my catalog is actually running better now than it did on the internal drive on my Mac! (Internal Drive was Magnetic Disk and not SSD) The drive also works with both my Mac and Surface Book (See Tips Below).. The transfer speeds are AMAZING (Over 400 MBs) and the drive seems to be very high quality!! Very easy to pack and carry this drive!!


1.) I needed this to be used for both Mac and Windows.. SO I had to reformat this as an exFAT drive.. I decided on exFAT due to the fact that I sometimes edit videos on the same drive and my videos might be over 4GB/each (FAT32 can’t host files over 4GB but exFAT can and MAC can’t write on NTFS but can sometimes read it)

2.) For best performance keep this as NTFS or Mac OS Extended Journaled and it will perform around 430 MBs but as exFAT I usually get between 375 – 400MBs but usually closer to 400MBs constantly! Only change to FAT if you have to use on MAC and Windows.

3.) Remember, the size of your files also affect speeds! A ton of smaller files will be slower than larger files.. My drive is being used for photos so 400MBs is GREAT for that!! On larger videos, it is actually much quicker!

4.) If you aren’t getting fast speeds make sure you have it in a USB 3.0 port (Usually the blue USB ports but not always. My Macs are black like 2.0 ports)


1.) Quick Read and Write Speeds – Again I tested this with several formats and both NTFS and Mac OS Extended had speeds way over 400MBs but I had to use exFAT due to it working on both a MAC and Windows system but still get close to 400MBs most of the time!! Very quick speeds!

2.) Plug and Play – Plug it in and you are ready to go!

3.) Very Slick looking!

4.) Being SSD it doesn’t have all the mechanical parts of other drives! Meaning less can fail and and less can break! This makes me feel much better keeping my Lightroom Catalog on this drive (I am still backing it up on the old Toshiba External. Backups are important)

5.) Shock Resistant – Like I said, less to fail and break if dropped! Great for a portable drive. Heck, I have corrupted a Magentic Drive just by bumping it while it was working.. No worries doing that with an SSD

6.) Excellent Value – Same drive in a Samsung is around $400..

7.) Quality seems outstanding.. Very well built drive!

8.) Excellent Customer Service – I had to call them before I purchased and they answered quickly and very friendly!

9.) Assembled in the USA


1.) Price – While this is less expensive than big brands, SSD is still expensive compared to magnetic disk drives. I do love the VectoTech has been able to keep the price down on these!

Overall: I HIGHLY recommend this drive! I got all the performance back plus some that I lost when I moved my Lightroom Catalog to an external!

Tested and Works on
1.) Surface Pro 4
2.) iMac
3.) Regular Windows 8 PC
4.) Xbox One
5.) PS4
6.) As a drive on my Router as a personal “Cloud”
7.) Wii U (My Wii U didn’t provide enough power to the drive so I had to test it using this cable, at first I thought it just wasn’t going to work but when I used this cable it worked fine)

Cable Matters Gold-Plated SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Y-Cable (20 Inches)

More test, photos, and updates coming soon! (Last Updated on 12/22 at 5:40est added WII U to my test after a request I received in my email)

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