Yocaher Spirit Wolf Longboard Complete skateboard cruiser – available in All shapes


Short Review: Wonderful Longboard at a very budget friendly price!! Yeah, there are probably better longboards out there if you are willing to spend the money but if you are on a budget, this longboard will please!! It can handle very high speeds without much “Wobbling” (I got mine up to 25 – 30 today but it can go much faster), and the longboard is very stable.. The design is beautiful and I love the “Spirit Creature” designs!! I decided on the wolf and it is AWESOME! Quality seems great and is much better than my past longboard that cost about $75

About me: I use a longboard to commute from time to time, but that is it.. I don’t do tricks on them, I don’t ride for hours a day, I just ride about 2 miles to work and to miles home from work on pretty days.. I consider myself a beginner and for me, this board is perfect as long as it holds up! I weigh about 200 Pounds.. So yeah, a budget longboard is exactly what I need! One that is very good quality such as this!

1.) Graphics – The graphics are well done.. No bubbles, no peeling, no scuffs.. Perfect graphics and after a few rides, the graphics remain beautiful!

2.) Great Build Quality – Decent bearings and bushings (They can be upgrading if they aren’t up to your likes), but the wood and grip are very well done!! That’s basically the important part as everything else can be upgraded as you desire!

3.) FAST!! I normally don’t ride these very fast BUT I did get it up to around 25MPH

4.) Very SMOOTH RIDE and easy to BALANCE

5.) Turns GREAT!

6.) Holds plenty of weight (I am close to 200)

Overall: Great quality longboard for the price!! As always, I will be sure to update this review if the board fails or anything happens but so far I am happy with it and highly recommend it to anyone

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