Drone Fans Dual Remote Controller Joystick Holder Bracket for DJI Mavic Pro or Spark Drone

Another short review of an item that will provide great protection for the new DJI Spark!  Yes this fits the SPARK GREAT! Not just the Mavic

FITS THE SPARK! Helps provide protection for the controller in the DJI Official Spark Case.. Quality seems GREAT!! Easy to install! Not much to say about it, but the production serves a great purpose and does a good job at what it is supposed to do. Great product!

Amcrest UltraHD Shield 2K Dual-Band WiFi Video Security IP Camera

Amcrest Cloud Storage Options Here

Use:  I use this style camera to protect several seasonal stores..  This is a GREAT alternative to cams like Nest or Dropcam.. I received this camera early this week and installed it Wednesday… So far, it is well exceeding my expectations!

Short Review:  Very easy to install and use!! Save recordings locally (Saving Data Cost) onto a Micro SD card or save them via the cloud using several different third party software options!! Video quality from this camera is wonderful and the notifications it sends are top notch!!  Easily keep track of your vacation home, stores, or even home while you are gone!!  Amcrest even offers a free 4 hours of rolling cloud recording if you use their service!!

1.) Several Mounting Options – You can mount either direction (Upside down or right side up)!  Hang, sit, or place.. It’s up to you!

2.) Free Cloud Storage –  It’s only a 4 hour rolling window BUT if you have notifications turned on 4 hours should be plenty of time to see what happened!! BUT they do offer pay plans that allow more storage

3.) Low priced storage options – Free (4 hours of storage), $6/month (7 Day Storage), $10/month (14 Day Storage), $15 (30 Day Storage).. These are some of the lowest priced storage options on the market!!

4.) Cloud Storage offers GREAT features – Plug & Play Setup, Unlimited Live Streaming (Only 2 hours on free plan), Mobile Alerts and Email Alerts (Even on free plan), Motion Activation Storage (Saves Data Cost), and more!

5.) Motion Activated Recording – Works on both the cloud storage options and the local storage options.. Save data cost (If you are like me, some of my stores have to use cellular MiFis due to their location) or save storage space on the internal SD card)

6.) Mobile and Email Alerts – All work GREAT!! You can set the alert areas, alert times, and alert sensitivity!  The alerts work wonderfully well

7.) Snapshots – Get snapshots of whatever is happening directly on your phone or email

8.) Email Alerts – Not everyone is allowed to carry phones at work.. While I would much rather use Mobile Alerts, email alerts work GREAT if you are stuck around a computer all day

9.) Great photo and video quality

10.) GREAT Night Vision

11.) Super Easy Setup – NO COMPUTER required!!

12.) Several cameras can be setup in the same app! I have 4 and all are working fine!!  They work GREAT together!! Several cameras can be setup on your cloud plan (Only 1 Camera for the free plan though)

13.) One of the largest fields of view i have seen!

14.) Two Way Audio works GREAT

15.) Dual-Band works wonderfully well for streaming!!  Not all cameras like this offer dual band!

16.) Sound Quality is EXCELLENT

Overall:  Excellent camera that works perfectly for my needs!  It is very easy to setup and offers plenty of storage options.. Quality is outstanding!

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Sharpal Sharpener 5-in-1

Short Review: Amazing Sharpeners at an even better price! Easy to use, easy to hold, and full of features!!! Great for anyone who loves the outdoors or great for anyone who needs a small emergency sharpener in their car!

1.) Very EASY to use – This style sharpener is much easier to use than a stone.. No skill required!! Just keep in mind that this CAN AND WILL cut a new blade if you sharpen to hard with it!

2.) Great EMERGENCY Features! – The built in line and cord cutter can even be used to cut a seat belt!! Like I said, this would work great as an emergency sharpener for a car!

3.) Easy to hold and grip

4.) Compass works GREAT

5.) Outstanding QUALITY!!

6.) VERY EASY to get a razor sharp blade!!


1.) Skim the instructions! Even though it is easy to use, you should still look over the instructions for best results!

Overall: Makes a GREAT GIFT and the sharpener overall works very well! I have been VERY VERY impressed with the attention to detail that Sharpal puts into their sharpeners!! They are built to last! Built to be easy to use! And very well thought out!

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SCOTTeVEST Revolution Technical Jacket for Technology


Item:  Ever wanted a jacket that could HOLD EVERYTHING but remained stylish??  Look no further! SCOTTeVEST makes just those jackets!! They make all sorts of styles and all sorts of jackets for any occasion!!  I recently got an opportunity to check out their Revolution Jacket and its review is below!

Short Review: Great FIT and WONDERFUL JACKET!! I had a ton of fun exploring it and finding all the different pockets!! When I first ordered this jacket, I was afraid all the pockets would make it extra bulky but found out they did not! THIS FITS and WEARS like a normal jacket!! I also love the idea of the sleeves zipping off!! My outdoor hiking pants have done this for years AND I LOVE the idea of a jacket doing it!! I can see me wearing this on a hike and when I get hot, convert it to a vest! AWESOME!!

1.) TONS of pockets for managing all your gear! (Cameras, Glasses, Phones, MP3 Players, Passports and more)
2.) Nice cable management system for phones/mp3 players
3.) GREAT FIT! I normally wear a “L” Jacket and this jacket in large fits great
4.) Quality seems OUTSTANDING!
5.) The pockets are not just tossed on! This jacket was very well thought out!! GREAT!
6.) Love the zipped up hood
7.) Jacket smelled good when it arrived!
8.) Comfortable and Warm
9.) Sunglass/Glasses pocket includes lens cleaning wipe!
10.) Water bottle strap inside one of the pockets keeps your water bottle comfortable

Overall: Great TECH jacket that has plenty of pockets to hold all you need! Durable, Warm, and Comfortable!! Can’t really ask more from a jacket!!

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Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Headphones

Short Review — Purchased these on Black Friday.. YOU WONT FIND ANOTHER PAIR of $50 Bluetooth headphones that come CLOSE to the sound quality of these!! Are they worth full price? Sure, their sound quality is average for $90 – $100 headphones and is what I would expect from a pair of headphones that cost under $100! Bass is good, build quality is excellent, and these things hold a WONDERFUL connection with my Nexus 6P!! Battery life is above average as well!

Yes, I would buy these again even not on sale!!

1.) Main con I have with these is that they aren’t covered under the SkullCandy lifetime warranty.. You only get a year with these! Something to consider if you have owned skullcandy products as long as I have

2.) No case! I thought this was fairly standard at the $100 price point.. Guess not

1.) Skullcandy Warranty – They have a wonderful warranty policy!! Usually no questions asked and if they don’t have your headphones they just give you a giftcard for their online store for the full MSRP of the headphones you purchased!! One con for this pair of headphones is that it only offers a 1 year warranty (Bluetooth products don’t carry the lifetime skullcandy warranty)

2.) Sound Quality – Very LOUD, very clear, and plenty of bass.. Sound quality for these is what you would expect from the full price.. For the price I paid, I don’t think I could EVER find a pair even close to these!! Sound is GREAT

3.) Stylish and Unique Design!!

4.) Metal Band, Great Build Quality! Should last!!

5.) Battery Life – Depends on usage such as volume, distance from phone, and others.. I normally average around 8 hours.. BUT I have received over 10 before.. They are rated at 12

6.) Value – Skullcandy kills Bose and beats when it comes to value. Much less expensive but just as stylish and just as great when it comes to build and sound quality

7.) Very simple and easy to pair!!

8.) I can hear callers loud and clear and they can hear me loud and clear

Overall: I am very happy with these!! Grabbed a great deal and can’t be happier!! I would buy these again at full price

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Discover It Card (Plus Instructions for Cash Bonus)

Sign up for Discover Here (Yes, I get a bonus but so do you! How does $100 CASH BONUS SOUND?)

Happy Thanksgiving!  This review is a little different from my normal reviews.. I wanted to review the Discover IT card by Discover.  This has always been my number 1 credit card, for good reasons!

1.) Benefits – This card has Amazing benefits such as Warranty Extension, Price Protection, Fraud Protection and more.. And guess what? The claims process is super easy!! I use Price Protection all the time and it even works on Black Friday deals!!  So while half the world is standing in line tonight, I will be eating left overs because my Black Friday Crap has already been ordered.  I even have the envelopes ready to process my claims!

2.) Referral Bonuses – Another good way to increase your cash back is sharing the card with your friends!! Its simple, Discover gives you a link like this https://refer.discover.com/s/3kjxu and you give this link to your friends..  They sign up and you both get $50! ($100 if your new see pro # 3)

3.) Cash Back Match – Currently Discover is matching your cashback for new members!! After your 12 month anniversary, they will MATCH your cashback.. This is a one time bonus so make sure to max out your cashback your first year!!

4.) Cashback Bonuses – These are rotating categories, but categories that actually work! For example, during the Holiday Season (Nov – Dec) Discover usually has a cashback bonus on Amazon!!! Just in time for holiday shopping!

5.) SIX FLAGS – I love Six Flags and this bonus works on anything from tickets, to food inside the park!! Just use Discover!! Also skip the line at the gate and use the discover gate!

6.) Accepts LOW Credit Scores – When I first got my Discover, I had pretty poor credit.. Yes. they only gave me a $500 limit but everyone has to start somewhere right?

7.) Generous Increases –  I now have over $10,000 limit on my card!  I do have much better credit now but part of that is due to Discover giving me a chance when I had bad credit.

8.) EXCELLENT LOCAL Customer Service

Personally, I have never had an issue with my Discover card and spend a lot of money using it!! They gave me a chance when I had poor credit so I took them BUT their benefits, customer service, and other bonuses keep me around!!  This is a card I recommend to ANYONE!!

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Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

Use:  I Grabbed several different models of Sharpal sharpeners for gifts this Holiday Season.  I also purchased a few of the models for myself (Mainly the survival models) so that I could take them backpacking and camping with me.. 

Short Review:  I must say, this is an excellent quality sharpener offered at a wonderful price!!  It is easy to use, small, and offers all the survival tools I need when I am out backpacking!! 

1.) Includes all the tools I personally need –  Includes fire striker (WORKS GREAT), hook sharpener (Inside the serrated blade sharpener, its the little groove), whistle, and a VERY SIMPLE and easy to use sharpener!
2.) Sharpener is EASY to use! Just be careful and don’t overdo it! This sharpener WILL cut a new blade if you work hard enough!
3.) Wonderful Quality
4.) Whistle is very loud, great for an emergency whistle!
5.) Fire Striker works wonderfully
6.) Fits easily in my backpack, emergency kit, or even pocket!!
7.) If you follow instructions, it is safe on ALL BLADES!!
8.) Designed here in America!
9.) Easy to find online (Here, Wal*Mart Online, and several other places)

Overall:  These work great and will make excellent gifts!! Quality is outstanding and features are there to match

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Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30°F Down Underquilt


Short Review: Very packable (About the size of a small football packed) down feather underquilt at an awesome price!! I would compare this to the ENO Vulcan (ENOs high end underquilt that cost around $200) but it is only HALF the price of the Vulcan (I do own a Vulcan as well from ENO).. I am glad to see companies such as Outdoor Vitals making underquilts! Really, until now they where only made by the large hammock companies.. The quality of this underquilt is OUTSTANDING and this is a double duty item!! It would also make a GREAT fall/spring ultralight sleeping bag for backpacking because it is FULLY zippable into a full rectangular sleeping bag! From the fill power, the fluff, and the design of this bag, I do feel safe saying it is a 30 degree bag!! It does have a sewn through design and if it was a baffled design I bet this would be a 20 degree bag.. I have no issues with the sewn through design because this will be mostly used UNDER my hammock while I am using my Outdoor Vitals 0 degree bag (Paid full price for it) inside my hammock during cold nights! I will also be using this as my Spring/Fall backpacking bag! It’s TINY packed!

Note & Tip: The head and feet of this bag do CINCH together around your hammock without anything extra BUT you must provide your on bungee cord or para cord to create your ridge line. One should always examine your gear BEFORE you take it camping but just in case you don’t, please make sure you take cord with you. You will need it to make this work as an underquilt

1.) Soft & Strong Materials – The 20D ripstop materials (Even though it looks thin) is VERY SOFT and VERY Strong! The 380T inner feels AWESOME on your skin if used as a regular sleeping bag! This is a durable bag and I wouldn’t worry about any rips! 20D ripstop is a GREAT material!

2.) Double Duty – The ENO underquilts plus other underquilts I have owned are ONLY underquilts.. This quilt can double as a rectangular bag! I love how this is a jack of all trades.

3.) Double Bag – Buy two and they are designed to be zipped together as a double bag!

4.) Great Size – I am 6FT 190 pounds and I have plenty of room using this as a sleeping bag.. Also, using it in my hammock my feet DO NOT hang out! Great Size

5.) SMALL Packed Down – About the size of a SMALL (Not NFL sized) football packed

6.) Takes up NO ROOM in your pack!! Would also make a GREAT Spring/Fall ult alight sleeping bag!!!

7.) 800 Fill Power – The ENO Vulcan is only 700 or 750 (I can’t remember off the top of my head but I know its only in the 700 range)

8.) Each grid (At least on mine) seem to be filled equally with down

9.) No funky smells out of the bag!

Compared to ENO Vulcan
1.) Packs MUCH Smaller
2.) Less Expensive
3.) Can be used as a sleeping bag and underquilt
4.) 30 Degrees (The Vulcan is rated at 35 – 40 degrees)
5.) DOES NOT include bungee cords like the Vulcan (But remember the Vulcan doesn’t include zippers like this)
6.) Does NOT include a long term storage bag like the Vulcan does.. It DOES include a stuff sack but long term storage bags are much larger (See my tips for solutions to this issue)

1.) Always remember to hang your bag when in storage or store it in a pillowcase, large laundry bag, OR special sleeping bag storage bags such as the large cotton bags you can buy from REI.. This helps increase the life of the bags filling! Basically you DO NOT want to store your bag compressed.. It needs to breathe and be stored fluffed.

2.) Use a sleeping bag sheet inside your bags! This keeps you from having to wash your sleeping bag. You can find sleeping bag sheets for about $10 here on Amazon.. They are WELL worth it.. Comfortable, Soft, and it always smells and feels like you are climbing into a nice clean bed!

3.) If you plan to use this in very wet conditions you can always treat it with nikwax down wash to help waterproof it! You can buy nikwax here at Amazon or at outdoor stores such as REI. Works well, I treat most of my bags with it.. Tennessee is very wet during the Spring/Fall when I do most of my camping and it has always worked well

*I did receive this in exchange of honest review but the owner also wants my feedback on this item. He found me because I have purchased over $300 worth of bags from him at FULL PRICE before I started reviewing some of his products.. The owner loves the outdoors just as much as you and I, that are shopping for GREAT quality outdoor bags such as this*

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LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen

***Received in Exchange of Honest Review***

Updates (At bottom of review):
1.) 11/20/16 – After several months of use, the mattress is still performing VERY WELL and holding its shape GREAT!!

When Linenspa asked me to review this, I had actually been in the market for both a bed and mattress upgrade.. I was tired of my feet hanging off my full sized bed.. PLUS my current bed/mattress was over 15 years old. SO I decided to purchase a Zinus 2000H platform bed (Modern Studio design which looks awesome in a smaller apartment) in queen size to go with this and requested that LinenSpa send their Queen sized mattress.. They agreed!

After First Nights Sleep – If you are used to one of those fancy $1,000 mattresses this might not be for you.. BUT it was an upgrade for me, one I could feel and tell during my sleep.. Keep in mind, I moved out of my parents house about 12 years ago! BUT spent 4 years in dorms (Furnished crappy mattress) and 2 years in a fully furnished apartment (Decent but not fancy mattress) BEFORE moving to my current unfurnished apartment.. The mattress and bed I have now is a hand me down that is over 15 years old.. Needless to say it was time for a new mattress BUT also keep in mind that I have never owned one of those fancy $500 – $1000 mattresses either.. With that being said THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have used! Its VERY springy and bouncy like a spring mattress should be HOWEVER it still has a nice firm feel to it! The memory foam top is perfect! I do not feel the springs in the mattress and the foam conforms to my body WITHOUT me sinking into it like a lot of memory foam mattresses I have read about. Two people sleep on this without any issues! One of the best nights sleep I have had in a VERY VERY LONG TIME!! (Will update this review if my sleeps end up becoming worse)

Delivery: Was quick VIA UPS (for me). It arrived in a box that I could easily move and position.. The box was large and over 50 pounds BUT not hard to move alone. It was packaged well vacuum sealed with an extra layer of plastic around the mattress for protection! This was great because it was delivered in the middle of a storm but the mattress stayed 100% dry the entire time it was out on my patio waiting for me to arrive home.

1.) Fine for two people – Doesn’t sag or break down with two people.. Very comfortable with two people..
2.) True QUEEN size mattress
3.) Full 8 Inch mattress like described! It did take about 3 hours to reach the full 8 inches though.. After I opened the mattress it quickly raised to about 6.5 inches in under a minute!
4.) Mine wasn’t delivered with any funky smells or anything
5.) Cool mattress – Being a hybrid, it didn’t seem nearly as hot as the few memory foam mattresses I have spent the night on here and there visiting people and places.
6.) Seems to be well made! Thick materials.. Nice stitching. It looks very high quality!
7.) No boxspring is needed if used on a platform bed
8.) Delivered to my home in an easy to move box! Lay the wrapped up mattress on the finished bed and cut it open! It fully expanded and no need to try and maneuver a large mattress all over the place!

Overall: I have only had this mattress one night but so far I am in love with it! It is a great budget mattress and is very well made!! If anything changes and the mattress fails or starts to sag or even becomes uncomfortable I WILL update this review but as of now I am very happy with it!! If you are used to one of those $1000 mattresses you probably wont like this, but it is an upgrade for me and one I can tell and feel during my sleep.. It is a great upgrade!

Update 7/31/16: I wanted to update this review after 4 nights of sleep and I wanted to say I still love this mattress.. It is still fully expanded.. It is holding it’s shape well on the Zinus platform bed with slats.. I am waking very rested without any aches or pains.. I sleep better on this than my old mattress!! So overall STILL Very happy with it.. I will try and update again in a few weeks so that new customers can see how it is still performing!

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ENO Solopod Eagles Nest Outfitters

**Received at a VERY GOOD discount for review**

Short Rewiew: Awesome Hammock Stand! Very easy to put together, although it is a little heavy it is still easy to carry!! I purchased a large 50X30 canvas bag from Stansport (Found here on Amazon) and it allows for easy transport of this stand!! Great for a patio, car camping (I call dump camping) or even a day at the park or beach! With a good canvas bag, this is super easy to travel around with you! I tried a few hammock stands and ended up sending most back because they didn’t work well with my ENO style camping hammocks.. This one works GREAT with those and I have tested it with several brands of hammocks (ENO, Grand Trunk, Bear Butt, Kammok, and others). I highly recommend this stand!

1.) Stylish
2.) Easy to Assemble – No tools required and can be put together in about 2 – 3 minutes. Everything snaps together and comes apart with a push of a button!
3.) Compact – Most hammock stands that I found on Amazon broke down to 5 or 6 ft sections.. This one is 4 ft sections making it easier to carry in small cars!! It is heavy but does pack down fairly small!
4.) Fits in the back seat of a car packed or even a trunk.. Great for traveling or dump camping
6.) Includes everything needed! (EXCEPT for a hammock)
7.) Works with all the camping hammocks I have tested with so far (Grand Trunk, Bear Butt, ENO, Kammok)
8.) Can easily attach underquilts, rainflys, tarps, or whatever else you need to make your night comfortable!

1.) Doesn’t include any carry bag YET they advertise that it is portable (As seen above though, the Stansport Delux Canvas Bag 50X30 fits fine). You can carry it around in it’s box, but the box might not last very long
2.) IT IS HEAVY (About 50 – 60 pounds packed depending on the weight of your canvas bag).. But this is very durable. I have no issues with it being so heavy BUT this might be a deal breaker for some

Overall: I really enjoy this hammock stand and would recommend it to anyone

1.) Large military style canvas bags work great at storing this. I purchased a 50X30 bag from Stansport here on Amazon.. The bag was under $25 when I purchased it and works GREAT to carry the stand around!