AirTV by Sling TV

Today’s review is about a new product I purchased last month that I am falling in love with.  AirTV which is a set top box that attaches to an antenna and streams your OTA channels directly into SLING TV or the AIRTV APP.

Types of Boxes:  AirTV has two boxes.  A “Player Box” (White) and the Classic (Black) so which one do I need?  The streaming box has one tuner and allows you to pull your OTA channels into that TV on that sling account.  The black box allows for two tuners BUT you must have a TV or streaming device that supports Sling TV or the AirTV app, as the black box “Slings” the content to another device.  Choose the black box if you have multiple TV’s!!  Both boxes will eventually have DVR

Short Review: Simple setup, plenty of features, FREE if you don’t have sling (Must use AirTV app) and if you do have sling, it is still free as part of your sling subscription.

1.) Guide Integration – See your OTA channels RIGHT IN THE SLING GUIDE!! It works great, looks just like cable tv in the guide, and you can see all the information about your favorite shows on the OTA channels

2.) Easy Setup – I did my setup using the sling app.  The sling app allowed me to create an AirTV account and allowed me to scan for channels.  I hear the AirTV app is just as simple

3.) Great Tuner – I picked up every local channel in my area

4.) Free Sling NOT REQUIRED – Sling TV is not required, just use the AirTV app instead of Sling.

5.) Works GREAT with Sling – You wouldn’t even know the locals are OTA.  This device works so natively with Sling TV

6.) Backed by Dish Network – This might be a con to some BUT being backed by Dish means the box will be supported for a while and if you have any issues, dish has your back!

7.) Free Sling Credit – Both boxes come with a free credit for Sling for testing

8.) DVR – The player box already has DVR beta but it’s coming to the classic!

9.) Take OTA channels with you!

A few tips
1.) The player must be around your TV if you go with it but the Classic doesn’t have to be.  My classic is in my window with my antenna so it receives better reception

2.) The sling player is NOT NEEDED for the classic.  I used my classic with Fire TV

3.) If you plan on using on multiple TV’s I suggest the classic.  The player can only be used on one TV

4.) You can stream to your mobile device via SLING or AIRTV apps

Antennas Direct HDTV Antenna Clearstream 2Max 60 Mile Black (C2MVJ-5)

Use: Purchased this to use with AirTV and my sling subscription.

Short Review: Basically, the AirTv classic is a two tuner box that streams your OTA channels to your SlingTV subscription. Using this antenna makes it a perfect setup! All my locals are clear, the channels show up ok my SlingTV guide, and the antenna was very easy to install.. it includes all hardware for both indoor and outdoor installs.

My install: Indoor in a window. I have clear view of the stations from my window and they range 5 – 25 miles away. No issues receiving them inside with an indoor setup

1.) Durable – Well made, American designed antenna.. this isn’t a Chinese knockoff that doesn’t work well over here

2.) Includes all hardware EXCEPT for coax cable. It includes a metal mast for outdoor setup or a simple stand for indoor.

3.) Well written instructions and Antennas Direct has a great site to help you learn the proper way to install.. a lot of antenna bad reviews are people setting them on top of their TV like the movies.. that’s NOT the best way to install

4.) Works well with AirTV and Sling (Google if you aren’t sure what I am talking about)(I own the AirTv classic and not the AirTv player)

5.) Works much better than those things antennas, even the high priced thin antennas

6.) No amplifier needed.. I live 5 miles from the stations and on the thin antennas I STILL needed an amplifier. Not with this!

1.) No coax included but hey, most antennas that did include it included cheap coax so not really a loss. I can buy the quality and size I needed

Overall: This is working very well for my use and needs!

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