GoScope SPARK GO CASE – hardshell case for DJI SPARK and controller

Short Review (Summary): I was looking for a nice case that didn’t take up much space. I wanted to be able to toss my Spark and its Controller in my messenger bag and just go without worrying about it getting damaged! This case is a DREAM FOR THAT!! It’s a hard case so I have no worries about my spark getting crushed or damaged.. It provides great protection for my spark and my spark fits in it nicely.. Case is very well made and very high quality!

1.) Great Value – Fair Price for the case and the quality makes it a great value

2.) Provides GREAT protection for my Spark

3.) Durable and Smooth Zippers

4.) Includes wire harness for USB Cables

5.) Can clip on your belt if you wish but I don’t use the belt clip

6.) Includes case for both the spark and controller

Overall: This isn’t my everyday case, I still have my hard box that I keep the spark in BUT this is the case I use when I am out and about and want to toss my spark in my backpack!! This case is so awesome I also got one for my Mavic!!! I highly recommend this case

Controller Grip, Megadream Pack of 2 Wear-resistant Joy-con Handle for Nintendo Switch Controller Joy-Con controllers

Short Review: A MUST HAVE accessory for games that allow use of a single JOY CON.. This controller grip makes it VERY EASY to hold the Joy Con in hand and makes it MUCH more comfortable.. The “Large” trigger buttons work EXTREAMLY well and ALWAYS press the Joy Cons button without any issue, meaning it lines up perfectly..

1.) Wonderful Quality
3.) Both Joy Cons work VERY WELL in this
4.) Makes it VERY EASY to hold the Joy Con
5.) Makes the Joy Con feel more like a real controller
6.) Excellent FIT and easy to install Joy Con

Overall: I highly recommend these Controller Grips