Sharpal Sharpener 5-in-1

Short Review: Amazing Sharpeners at an even better price! Easy to use, easy to hold, and full of features!!! Great for anyone who loves the outdoors or great for anyone who needs a small emergency sharpener in their car!

1.) Very EASY to use – This style sharpener is much easier to use than a stone.. No skill required!! Just keep in mind that this CAN AND WILL cut a new blade if you sharpen to hard with it!

2.) Great EMERGENCY Features! – The built in line and cord cutter can even be used to cut a seat belt!! Like I said, this would work great as an emergency sharpener for a car!

3.) Easy to hold and grip

4.) Compass works GREAT

5.) Outstanding QUALITY!!

6.) VERY EASY to get a razor sharp blade!!


1.) Skim the instructions! Even though it is easy to use, you should still look over the instructions for best results!

Overall: Makes a GREAT GIFT and the sharpener overall works very well! I have been VERY VERY impressed with the attention to detail that Sharpal puts into their sharpeners!! They are built to last! Built to be easy to use! And very well thought out!

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