Designs by Tervis Stainless Steel "SIC" Mugs NFL Branding

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Short Review (Summary):  I recently picked up two 20 ounce “Designs by Tervis” tumblers and really like them! My GF got a pineapple print and I picked up an NFL Print..  The Tumblers are built by a company called “SIC” (Seriously Ice Cold) and they are a company with a GREAT reputation when it comes to Stainless Tumblers like Yeti and RTIC..  The designs are printed on them by Tervis and the quality of the print is outstanding!! 

1.) Print Quality – Outstanding!  No issues with the print rubbing off, washing off, or peeling!  Tervis did a great job printing on these SIC mugs and you can tell!!

2.) Keeps things COLD FOR HOURS! Almost a full day! 

3.) Keeps things hot for HOURS

4.) Work JUST AS WELL as RTIC and Yeti!

5.) Plenty of prints to choose from! They have classic Tervis Prints.. NFL Prints, Sports Prints, and more! Something for everyone!


1.) Like YETI, they must be hand washed!

Overall:  We both love our new “Designs by Tervis” mugs and will be getting more!

SCOTTeVEST Revolution Technical Jacket for Technology


Item:  Ever wanted a jacket that could HOLD EVERYTHING but remained stylish??  Look no further! SCOTTeVEST makes just those jackets!! They make all sorts of styles and all sorts of jackets for any occasion!!  I recently got an opportunity to check out their Revolution Jacket and its review is below!

Short Review: Great FIT and WONDERFUL JACKET!! I had a ton of fun exploring it and finding all the different pockets!! When I first ordered this jacket, I was afraid all the pockets would make it extra bulky but found out they did not! THIS FITS and WEARS like a normal jacket!! I also love the idea of the sleeves zipping off!! My outdoor hiking pants have done this for years AND I LOVE the idea of a jacket doing it!! I can see me wearing this on a hike and when I get hot, convert it to a vest! AWESOME!!

1.) TONS of pockets for managing all your gear! (Cameras, Glasses, Phones, MP3 Players, Passports and more)
2.) Nice cable management system for phones/mp3 players
3.) GREAT FIT! I normally wear a “L” Jacket and this jacket in large fits great
4.) Quality seems OUTSTANDING!
5.) The pockets are not just tossed on! This jacket was very well thought out!! GREAT!
6.) Love the zipped up hood
7.) Jacket smelled good when it arrived!
8.) Comfortable and Warm
9.) Sunglass/Glasses pocket includes lens cleaning wipe!
10.) Water bottle strap inside one of the pockets keeps your water bottle comfortable

Overall: Great TECH jacket that has plenty of pockets to hold all you need! Durable, Warm, and Comfortable!! Can’t really ask more from a jacket!!

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