Huawei Smartwatch for Universal/Smartphones – Classic: Titanium Grey

Short Review: Simply AMAZING watch and even coming from the first Huawei Watch, I still think this is a GREAT UPGRADE!!

New Features that I LOVE

1.) NFC – When I was shopping for a new watch IT HAD TO HAVE NFC.. Not many of the new Android Wear watches do but this one has it! Android Pay on a watch is simply amazing! You don’t need the phone to be with you, the watch can be alone! As long as the watch is on your wrist, you can use it to pay!! I use Android Pay DAILY!!

Tip for Android Pay: It requires you to setup a PIN or Lock Screen BUT you only have to “Unlock” the device once as long as it is on your wrist.. It WILL NOT LOCK BACK.. This is GREAT!! I would hate having to unlock the watch for everything I do

Tip 2 for Android Pay: Since it works independently of your phone it DOES HAVE TO BE setup from scratch on your watch! meaning you will have to revivify the cards you want to use.. No issues for me because I do like using it without the phone

2.) Hybrid Leather Band – I didn’t know how I would feel about this BUT I really enjoy it!! The top of the band is leather while the bottom is rubber.. This works GREAT if you sweat a lot or plan to use this working out

3.) “Watch Mode” – I travel a lot and forget my charger a lot!!! In Watch mode, all the notifications are gone BUT it at least works like a watch for 15 – 20 days (It really DOES last that long, depending on the charge you have left when you put it on watch mode).. This MODE ROCKS if you forget your charger because at least you wont be without a watch

4.) Constant Heart Rate Sensor – I really didn’t know if I would like this either, and while I don’t use it much this is how the watch knows its on your wrist! So this is a GREAT Feature

5.) Larger Battery is a NICE Upgrade

1.) Classic NICE design – When the new Huawei watches came out, I didn’t know how I felt.. The original watches where very NICE and FANCY!! This classic keeps that look and feel.. The watch feels very NICE and looks fancy!! Its not as shiny and flashy as the originals, but I like that.

2.) Android Pay – Like I said above, I am using my Android Pay DAILY on my watch

3.) Quick Access Button – The bottom button can be uses for ONE quick access app. I have set this button as my Android Pay Button

4.) Android Wear 2.0 – I am a fan of Android Wear and have always liked it

5.) NFC – Works GREAT for Android Pay and I hope more NFC features come out such as unlocking hotel room doors and stuff!


7.) Watch Mode – Like I said above, its awesome

8.) Plenty of Memory

9.) Includes Speaker and Mic for ON WATCH CALLS!!

10.) Charger is MUCH easier to use on this version VS the first!

1.) No LTE but hey, I really don’t know what I would use LTE for

2.) No Sapphire Crystal for the glass..

3.) Harder to find locally but Best Buy finally had one instock

Overall: I think this is a huge upgrade watch, I really enjoy using Android Pay on it