Chill Gorilla Defender 11′ Bug Net. Compact, Lightweight. Fits ALL Camping Hammocks. [Essential Camping and Survival Gear]

Short Review:  Those that follow my reviews, or those that are shopping for hammocks and hammock gear may have seen my reviews.. I have 5 brands I REALLY LOVE!! Chill Gorilla, Bear Butt, ENO, Kammok, and Grand Trunk (Although I am not really into Grand Trunk as much as I used to be).  Anyways, with that being said they are all GREAT BRANDS but all have something that stand them apart.. Chill Gorillas difference is their size!!  This big net is not only LONGER than ENO and Bear Butt, but it is also much roomier giving you plenty of space inside the net..  The vertical zipper is actually MUCH easier to use, and the materials of the Chill Gorilla seem to be just as good, if not better than ENO!!

1.) LONG –  I have longer hammocks that don’t fit as well in ENO and Bear Butt bug nets due to their length.. This net is at least a foot longer than most making it fit better around long hammocks..  Please note, it fits just as well around the shorter hammocks such as ENO as it does long!

2.) Vertical Zipper – The Vertical zipper is actually very nice.. I took my hammock out this weekend to and tried out the bug net and found it much easier to get into the hammock with the vertical zipper.. BUT THE BEST PART, its much easier to ZIP and CLOSE the bug net..  Those that hammock camp know it takes a few minutes to get situated in your hammock..  It then sucks when you realize you have to uncover and reach to the FOOT of the hammock to grab the zipper of the bug net and close it.. Not with the vertical zipper!!  It’s actually very genius!

3.) Great Quality – Built just as good, if not better than ENO.. Quality is GREAT

4.) Easy to Pack

5.) Fits MOST hammocks – Should fit short hammocks just fine.. I checked it with Bear Butt, ENO, and Kammok and had no issues with fit.. It fits and worked wonderfully well.. Being longer, it also fits longer hammocks GREAT such as the longer Chill Gorilla Hammocks!!  I am sure Chill Gorilla would rather you use this with their branded hammocks but just know, it will work fine with ENO and other brands!! (WINK WINK, I do recommend Chill Gorilla Hammocks a lot though, especially if you need a budget hammock that is GREAT quality)

6.) Net closes NICE and tightly around your straps keeping bugs out!

7.) Backpacker Friendly – Even though the net is a little larger than most, it weighs nearly the same as other brands if not lighter!!  Very friendly for backpacking

8.) Includes Paracord for setup! YES PARACORD!! not that cheap NYLON junk other brands include

Overall: Excellent bug net!! I recommend this to ANYONE

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Chill Gorilla Pro Pocket Blanket. 78” x 56”. Compact, lightweight, waterproof. Big enough for an ELEPHANT yet fits in your pocket. RIPSTOP nylon

Use:  My planned use for this Pocket Blanket is my yearly trip to Disney and the Space Coast area this Holiday Season.  Last year I took a pocket blanket of another brand, used it at the Magic Kingdom and Cocoa Beach, and honestly, it wasn’t big enough! This one is perfect!

Short Review:  This blanket is AMAZING and is the ONLY TRUE pocket blankets that is actually a usable size that I have owned!! I work for an organization that promotes being outdoors so I don’t recommend crap gear. I have had gear fail on me before and it isn’t fun, especially 30 miles into a hike on the Appalachian Trail, your day at the beach, or whatever your planned use is!  This blanket won’t fail! It folds small enough to fit into your pocket (See Attached Photo) but is large enough to fit 3 – 4 maybe even 5 people sitting Indian style or 2 – 3 laying!  The blanket is made from a very unique material, the BEST material I have ever seen on a pocket blanket! The material almost feels like a thin rain fly! This is because this blanket IS WATERPROOF!! WOW!!  ENO, Monkey Mat, and others can’t even say that! This can be used on a wet stadium seat, wet ground, or even tossed over you to protect from the rain in a worst case scenario!

Comparisons:  To help you decide if this is the blanket for you, I have decided to compare it with several other blankets!  You might notice, these AREN’T ALL Pocket Blankets! Why compare then? The Chill Gorilla is a pocket blanket that competes in size with REAL Ground blankets but fits in a pocket. THAT’S WHY!!

1.) Chill Gorilla Blanket: Size is 6.5 FT by 4.6 FT weighs 6.3 ounces and IS WATERPROOF! Fits in Pocket! Price $20

2.) ENO Islander Blanket: Size is 6 FT by 6 FT which honestly isn’t much more space when side by side BUT IT WEIGHS 15 ounces and DOES NOT fit in your pocket. Also it is not waterproof!  Price is around $60. While the islander is a GREAT blanket, it’s too large packed for most of my uses and I find myself not using it often.  I actually end up using the Monkey Mat below but its quality is much lower than Chill Gorilla or this ENO

3.) Monkey Mat (As Seen on Shark Tank): Size 5 FT by 5 FT, Weighs 10.4 Ounces and is not waterproof.  Might fit into your pocket but it will be hard. Also, I am not sure how well the material will hold up as this blanket has the lowest quality of all I own.  Honestly, it just looks like no though went into the design and they are just tossed together. Price is around $25

4.) Kahuna Pocket Blanket (True Pocket Blanket): Size 3 FT by 5.3 FT.  Fits in Pocket but VERY THIN. Not Waterproof and MIGHT fit one person comfortably.  Price is around $20

5.) No Names (True Pocket Blankets):  I own several no name brands and they try to impress with “Packed Size” but don’t fall for it. The blankets themselves really aren’t big enough for one person!  Most are smaller than Kahuna!  If they are large, the material is so thin that I wouldn’t trust them out in the woods like Chill Gorilla!

So WHO Wins out of all these?  I feel that the Chill Gorilla BEATS all the above blankets due to its price and features!  Being the only one on my list that is fully waterproof, being one of the only USUABLE blankets that actually FITS in your pocket, and being the lowest priced!  It is also durable enough to use in the woods!  The others really can’t say that SO CHILL GORILLA WINS!


1.) Backpacker Friendly with a WEIGHT UNDER 6.5 Ounces!
2.) Extreme Quality:  This blanket is good quality! I have no worries that the material will fail on me in use!  I can walk on it, lay on it, put it on concrete (Tried with all) and it not harm the blanket. Aside from the ENO above, Chill Gorilla is the only one I would trust to be used in the woods!
3.) Waterproof:  The Chill Gorilla blanket is the only one that is waterproof!  That will make it perfect for using on wet stadium seats, wet benches, wet ground, and even tossed over you to protect you from the rain!  Believe me, the others I listed and others I have tried DO NOT KEEP you dry from the ground
4.) Corner Pockets: Use the blanket upside down and use the Corner Pockets as “Stash” pockets. Using it normally, right side up you can fill the corner pockets with sand and use it to weigh down the blanket or even toss gear in the corners!
5.) NO WASHERS: A lot of pocket blankets I own, especially the no name ones (And Monkey Mat) put washers in the corners! WHY!! That is UNEEDED WEIGHT! I usually end up cutting them out.  Pockets on the corners are PLENTY to weigh the blanket down, most of the time the washers aren’t heavy enough!
6.) Loops for tent stakes!
7.) FINALLY THEY INCLUDE A STICKER: Gear junkies, like myself LOVE Stickers!  Why do you think ENO, Chaco, Patagonia, and all those companies always give free stickers? I place them on my RTIC coolers, my pelican camera cases and everything else! Thank you for the sticker Chill Gorilla!
8.) Easy to Repack
9.) Fits in Pocket
10.) Wonderful Price
11.) Great Company that REALLY does a good job designing their gear to be functional!! Their gear is tested and is built the way it should be! Built with outdoor use in mind!

Overall:  I have found my NEW favorite pocket blanket! The materials this blanket is made of is top notch and this is a VERY WELL designed blanket! I highly recommend it to anyone

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Bear Butt Rain Fly Better Alternative Than ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters)

First, to truly review this I must tell a story!! I now own two of these and love them!

Short Review: Performs GREAT, easy to setup, and includes everything you need!! I have used it ONCE so far as an emergency shelter during a hike and it performed better than almost any tarp I own (See short story below)

Short Story: Earlier this month I went on a hike, short hike, but hike!! It was a nice and sunny day.. My GF said, “Hey we forgot rain jackets lets take this umbrella”. I was like “Umbrellas are for pansies hiking, plus it’s sunny”.. The hike was short but ALL UP HILL!! At the top of the mountain (End of the hike before we turned around) my GF was like “LOOK AT THE FOG! IT’s SO BEAUTIFUL”.. I was like “Thats why they call this the Smoky Mountains” (Keep in mind, this was a few days after the Gatlinburg Fires so it could have been real smoke).. It wasn’t!! I put my Scouting background to use and was like “CRAP THIS IS A STORM coming over the mountain and its moving FAST” (Again we were high up so it was the CLOUD not fog!!).. She said “You will be single after this hike I told you to bring the umbrella”.. Pancaking to save my relationship, I remember I told my GF to carry the “Bear Butt” bag! We always carry it hiking because hammocks are the BEST way to relax and the bear butt hammock is big enough for the two of us!! I use the bear butt branded backpack with the hammock and straps and just leave it in my trunk! I always have it.. BUT I remembered just tossed this fly in the bag to keep it all together!! Quickly putting it up, it saved us and about 6 strangers from a downpour!! It saved my relationship and performed very well!! All of us remained dry while other hikers looked like they had been swimming..

1.) Includes EVERYTHING you need – This is a MAJOR PLUS!! If it didn’t include the rope and stakes, it wouldn’t have saved me from the downpour! Plus I hate buying budget gear only to find out I have to spend $20+ on the other items I need to use it! NOT WITH THIS, it includes everything!

2.) Large enough to cover a hammock plus gear and even a chair!! But if you set it up as a tarp it can protect 5 – 6 people comfortably! And more crammed like sardines!

3.) VERY Waterproof! This is another must for a rain fly!

4.) DURABLE – Reinforced tie spots! NOT EVEN ENO HAS THESE!!! Quality is excellent!!

5.) Tons of colors available – Match your hammocks, biners and even straps!!

6.) Packs Small!! – Smaller than a BEAR BUTT HAMMOCK

7.) Setup in under 1 minute!!

8.) Wonderful PRICE

9.) Taped Seams

1.) Dirty looks from other hikers when they found out the couldn’t fit under it because I already had around 6 strangers!!

Overall: Great brand and great quality gear!! Wonderful price! I highly recommend this tarp PLUS any bear butt product!!

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Chill Gorilla Rain Cover for Hammocks

Short Review: Unfortunately we are in a drought here and it hasn’t rained much this month so I can’t really test it’s waterproofness BUT from the materials to the build quality I feel 100% Safe saying this is 100% waterproof!! I have a big campout planned in two weeks and this IS THE FLY I will be taking! Everything about this fly is simply AMAZING!! It is made of the same PU Coated Nylon Tafetta Ripstop that the ENO Profly is made of BUT IT IS MUCH LARGER AND MUCH less expensive!! This fly even has reinforced corners (The ENO Profly doesn’t).. It also comes with stakes and cord! (ENO comes with cords but no stakes) With that being said, I am a huge fan of ENO products but their Profly left me wanting a lot more for the price.. (I do however like their profly sil but only when I am using my featherlite setup).. This Chill Gorilla rainfly I think MIGHT BE THE ONE I take on my regular campouts!!! This is a very nice rain fly for hammocks.

I even took this to show one of my outdoor friends today at work and he was ALSO very impressed with the size (He is another ENO fan like me but has also been wanting a larger tarp). Needless to say, he will be ordering one of these next paycheck he says! Its a very NICE fly!

1.) VERY LARGE – Provides PLENTY of coverage.. The ENO Profly was GREAT in the rain but in storms I always got a little damp.. It just wasn’t big enough to stop the blowing winds.. This is MUCH LONGER and wider and I can keep my hammock VERY high in this fly and it goes down much further WAY past the hammock.. It is also MUCH longer than my hammock so I feel safe saying that blowing winds wont be an issue..

2.) Protects from the RAIN & SUN – I use rain flys for more than rain!! I set them up high to block sun on sunny days when I am just relaxing in my hammocks!! This fly is plenty large enough to setup and block the sun!! Being a dark color it will block most of the sun and heat!!! Set it up high enough and you wont feel any heat coming off the fly! I have had plenty of black tarps and they never make me hot in the sun

3.) Reinforced corners – Always an added durability plus!

4.) Includes Stakes – Making this an even better value!!

5.) Lightweight – Weighs only 1.68 pounds.. Being 24% larger than eno this is to be expected but I figured it would weigh even more! The ENO Profly weighs 1.31 pounds.. My Profly SIL only weighs 1 pound BUT it is a much thinner silicon infused nylon and it doesn’t provide nearly as much shade as the material is very thin!! I only use it on featherlite trips.

6.) Excellent Value – being made from the same 210D PU coated nylon as ENO, being LARGER than most other tarps on the market, including stakes, and ALREADY costing less than half of the big boys MAKES this a GREAT choice and excellent value

7.) Awesome LOGO – I still love the amazing Chill Gorilla logo

8.) All packs down in a bag about the size of a football.. So slightly larger than other tarps for hammocks but again, this is a larger tarp!! It still packed into my 85L Osprey with ease along with hammocks, sleeping bags, clothes, food, and other stuff I place in my bag (Already packing for my campout in a few weeks).. Size is not an issue unless you have a small pack BUT if that is the case, you are probably featherlite backpacking anyways

Overall: This is the BEST fly I have used and seen!! It might not be the best on the market but IT IS THE BEST I have used or seen and I have used several from even the large companies!! I own a Profly from ENO and a rain fly from Grand Trunk.. I also own a Kelty Noahs Tarp and a few others.. This Chill Gorilla blows them all out of the water!!