Boltune Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Great Headphones!

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1.) Easy to Pair
2.) Great Value
3.) Wonderful Quality
4.) Great Sound
5.) Awesome ANC (Active Noise Cancelling)
6.) Designed and look like Bose!
7.) Great Battery Life

I highly Recommend These!

ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Short Review: There are a lot of lower cost generics out there that work like this but cost a lot less.. don’t fall for the low price of those! While they “float” and while they play music, they don’t do it nearly as well as this! The ICE Orb feels like a premium product, it sounds like a premium product, and it looks like a premium product!

1.) Sound Quality – This speaker is still small so don’t expect room filling sound! But this is plenty for office filling sound or small room filling sound! The speaker is loud and clear.. it has just the right amount of bass.. lows and highs sound great on it! It has plenty of volume..

2.) Easy to pair

3.) Premium Materials – I owned one of the cheap generics once.. it felt cheap! It looked cheap! It even sounded cheap! Not this speaker, it looks premium, feels premium and sounds premium! Materials are great and this feels like a premium product

4.) Floats and floats well! Making this a great conversation starter!

5.) Includes USB port on base to charge the speaker! One of the generics I owned you had to charge the base from USB and then the speaker.. you couldn’t charge he speaker from the base like you can here.. Excellent feature!

6.) Callers can hear me very loud and very clear!

Tested with and works with
1.) iPhone
2.) Android
3.) Windows Computer
4.) Apple computer
5.) iPad
6.) Kindle fire HDX

Overall: I highly recommend this speaker! It’s wonderful quality and works very well..

Bluetooth Headphones Neckband, VAVA Wireless Headset Magnetic Earphones In Ear Earbuds with Mic (Soft TPE material, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, 15 Hours Playtime)

Durable!! Excellent Sound!! Great Quality!! Excellent price! Vava never disappoints on their Bluetooth products! They sound great! Work well! And super easy to use! I highly recommend these

True Wireless Earbuds VAVA Bluetooth 4.1 Wire-Free In-Ear Headphones (12 Hours Playtime with the Portable Charging Case, 3 Sets of Ear Buds, Built-In Microphone)

Short Review (Summary): Vava makes some of the best generic Bluetooth products out there! They offer them at a fair price and they work great! Same with these 100% wireless earphones! They offer great battery life, a great case, and a Bluetooth connection that is on par with the best Bluetooth companies out there!

1.) Premium Quality – Vava offers a premium product! These are not only built well but come in packaging that is Apple Standard!! Meaning if you give these as a gift, even the packaging feels premium!!

2.) Sound Quality is excellent.. plenty of volume.. plenty of bass.. everything is blended well.. callers sound great, music sounds great, everything is wonderful when it comes to sound

3.) Easy to use and pair – Very easy to use and pair! Anyone can do it.. Vava also offers easy to follow instructions!!

4.) Great battery life

5.) Tested and works great with Android, Windows, and IOS!

Overall why not save some money and get these over $150+ brands out there?? Just look at the reviews of most of Vavas products and you will see they are great and people love them! They are my go-to Generic!

Skullcandy Barricade Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Review

Short Review: Excellent, Rugged, and AMAZING speaker that doubles as a power bank! 100% waterproof. Amazing Sound! Great price! I purchased this after owning the mini which is also awesome, but what are the differences?

1.) This one is waterproof, the mini barricade isn’t. It’s only water resistant
2.) This one has a 10watt speaker meaning louder and deeper bass and better sound quality overall
3.) The mini does NOT double as a power bank, this one does
4.) The mini does not have a microphone, but this one does

Both are very well built and durable. My mini goes backpacking with me and places when I don’t have as much space

1.) Waterproof: IPX7 meaning it can be dropped in water less than 3 FT deep for a Max of 30 minutes. So this is 100% waterproof!
2.) Battery Bank: Doubles as a battery bank so if your hiking or camping this can charge your GoPro or phone! A phone might drain most of the speakers battery but it’s a good feature
3.) Easy to Pair
4.) Best sounding speaker for this price! This puts to Shane even $100+ speakers
5.) 10 Watts meaning plenty of sound and bass
6.) Skullcandy Quality and Support which is awesome! Anytime I have had issues, I just send them the speaker or headphones (whatever failed) and they just give me a full value gift card for their site! You can opt for an exchange but I just opt for the gift card.. I have only needed this option twice and both times where on headphones older than 4 years old so yeah their warranty rocks (keep in mind, Bluetooth devices do have a shorter warranty)

Overall! Simply awesome speaker!

IP67 Waterproof, Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headset with In-Ear Earbuds Earphones for RUNNING & WORKING – Black

Short Review: Neckband style Bluetooth headphones, while sometimes not as stylish, really do provide the most comfortable experience especially while working out!! Leophile has developed a neckband style headphone that is ALMOST as stylish as my SkullCandy Bluetooth headphones while keeping the price much less expensive!! I found these VERY SIMPLE and easy to pair and the sound quality is OUTSTANDING!!!

1.) VERY EASY to USE and Pair – Simple pairing mode and very easy to use.. Anyone can use these

2.) Sound Quality is Outstanding – These sound just as good as my Skullcandy earphones that cost about $20 more.. They have very good volume to them and very nice highs and lows.. Bass is GREAT!! I can hear both music and callers loud and clear.. Keep in mind, sound quality is always subjective but to me, I find these very very good sounding!

3.) Great Battery Life – I have tested these two times now this weekend.. Both times I received 8+ hours of battery.. This beats my skullcandy earphones by 2 hours!! Beats a few other brands I own by even more!! Battery life is great and the highest I have seen on earphones like this

4.) Unique Stylish Design!!

5.) Works with both Siri or Google Now (Double press the button) – I found it to work wonderfully well with both!

6.) Comfortable – The feel like any earbud in your ears, not like bulky Bluetooth earphones.. I can wear these all day (I have worn them two times now 8+ hours with no issues)

7.) Good for workout – I took these on a jog this afternoon with no issues! They stayed in place GREAT!! I then used them for about 2 hours while washing and cleaning my car out.. Again, no issues at all with them staying in

Tested with
1.) Android Devices (Nexus 6P, OnePlus One)
2.) IPhone 5 & 6
3.) Kindle Fire HDX
4.) Microsoft Surface Pro 4
5.) TV

Worked great with all the above devices

Overall: I highly recommend these earphones! They work wonderfully well and have amazing sound quality

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone with Mic – Black

Short Review: Some of the BEST headphones on the market when it comes to volume and sound quality!! They ARE THE BEST on the market when it comes to bass and Bluetooth connection quality!! They are also the best I have owned when it comes to battery life as well!! Everything about these headphones is EXCELLENT!!

1.) Bass (Powered Sub)- The best part of these headphones is the bass.. Actually, if you turn the bass all the way up, you almost can’t hear anything else SO WAY TO MUCH BASS!!! Some reviews mention that as a “bad” thing BUT I think it is a great thing!! Some people like the overpowering bass so they might not believe it is to much!

2.) Bass Slider – The slider allows you to choose exactly how much bass you want.. All the way down and these sound like your standard high quality headphones.. All the way up and you have A LOT of bass.. Right below middle is perfect for me

3.) Very Comfortable – I can wear these all day without any issues.. Comfort is no problem!! The soft ear cups feel GREAT around my ears and the padded headband is great

4.) Controls – The controls, while basic and simple, are very easy to use.. The buttons are LARGE which makes it very easy to figure out what button your pressing.. This is a good thing so that you never have to worry about pressing the wrong button.. You can feel their shape with your fingers

5.) Price – MSRP can be a little high for these BUT Skullcandy runs them on sale all the time on their site.. I got my pair for under $125.. At that price, you wont find anything that sounds better than these!

6.) Battery Life – OK so this can fluctuate a lot! Remember, these are Bluetooth PLUS they have a powered sub in them.. If you have the volume all the way up and bass as high as it goes, you probably wont get more than 10 hours.. I have fully tested these WITHOUT bass at all and I get close to 36 – 40 hours (40 hours are advertised). My standard setup (Bass right below middle, volume 75%) sees over 20 hours of battery life..

7.) Premium Carry Bag – With fake fur and pockets to hold cords!! The bag is awesome

8.) Callers can hear me loud and clear and have no idea I am talking using my headphones

9.) Easy to charge and charge quickly

10.) Wonderful SOUND QUALITY – Even if you don’t like bass, the sound quality is outstanding so if you can find these on sale, I really doubt you will find a better pair of headphones for under $150!! At $200, you MIGHT find something that sounds as good or slightly better but if you want bass, grab these.. Mids and Highs are very clear!! Little distortion (Unless bass is all the way up but hey bass is distortion! HAHA)

11.) They hold a very strong connection!! And if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth they can be plugged up!!

12.) Work even with dead battery plugged up (Sound only, no bass)

13.) THICK Metal Headband screams quality

14.) Very LITTLE SOUND leakage – Even at 100% very little sound leaks.. This is a good thing

15.) Sexy Design – These are the best looking headphones I own!! They are sleek!! The leather top is sexy!! The black looks wonderful, and it offers VERY THICK wire and metal headband.. Again, these look like a beast!

16.) Foldable Design – Makes them easy to stash in your bag!

1.) Price – If you LOVE BASS the price is good! You wont find a better pair of headphones with the bass at this price! But if you don’t find these on sale and you are buying just for music without bass you can probably find headphones that sound just as good for less. However, watch skullcandy as these have been on sale 4 times in the past month!! Amazon matches most of those sales I have noticed

Overall: I am in love with these headphones!! Skullcandy has been putting out some GREAT Bluetooth audio devices recently and I have purchased several.. I have YET to be disappointed!! I do own other brands (Bose, Beats, and others) but my skullcandys beats them hands down in sound and connection!

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