YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera Battery and Battery Charger(Cable Excluded)

People who followed this blog, at the start, know how much I LOVED my YI M1 camera!  As an update I STILL LOVE IT!!! I use it weekly and take hundreds of photos on it! LAST MONTH YI finally released the battery and charger for it! It can be grabbed on their Amazon Page!! As a heads up, the M1 camera has also dropped in price!! Good time to grab it as well!

At the time of this review the single lens version is $299

And the TWO LENS VERSION is a STEAL at $379!!!

Finally! Great charger, great battery.. It doesn’t come with the cable but uses same charger/cable that comes with your camera so no issue there.. $20 is a steal for this! Now I wish they sold the battery alone for half price and I’d stock up on batteries!

Quick Charge 3.0 Slim Power Bank 10000mAh Qualcomm(03246A)/w Type-C/USB-A to Micro,QC 3.0 Input&Output Power Charger for Macbook/ Tablets,Samsung,iPhone 7/6s/6/5 &Android Phones,A-alloy,Black.ProHT

Short Review (Summary): Excellent well made powerbank, one that will last! True 10,000mAH rating and charges pretty much anything that allows USB Charging!

Tested on the following devices and worked GREAT
1.) Nexus 6P
2.) Huawei Mate 9
3.) Iphone 5 & 6
4.) Kindle Fire HDX
5.) Nintendo 2DS and 3DS
6.) Kindle Fire 7
7.) And several other Android Phones

1.) Very Durable
2.) True 10000mAH rating
3.) Includes everything you need
4.) Very simple and easy to use!

I highly recommend this charger! Its GREAT

Skullcandy Barricade Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Review

Short Review: Excellent, Rugged, and AMAZING speaker that doubles as a power bank! 100% waterproof. Amazing Sound! Great price! I purchased this after owning the mini which is also awesome, but what are the differences?

1.) This one is waterproof, the mini barricade isn’t. It’s only water resistant
2.) This one has a 10watt speaker meaning louder and deeper bass and better sound quality overall
3.) The mini does NOT double as a power bank, this one does
4.) The mini does not have a microphone, but this one does

Both are very well built and durable. My mini goes backpacking with me and places when I don’t have as much space

1.) Waterproof: IPX7 meaning it can be dropped in water less than 3 FT deep for a Max of 30 minutes. So this is 100% waterproof!
2.) Battery Bank: Doubles as a battery bank so if your hiking or camping this can charge your GoPro or phone! A phone might drain most of the speakers battery but it’s a good feature
3.) Easy to Pair
4.) Best sounding speaker for this price! This puts to Shane even $100+ speakers
5.) 10 Watts meaning plenty of sound and bass
6.) Skullcandy Quality and Support which is awesome! Anytime I have had issues, I just send them the speaker or headphones (whatever failed) and they just give me a full value gift card for their site! You can opt for an exchange but I just opt for the gift card.. I have only needed this option twice and both times where on headphones older than 4 years old so yeah their warranty rocks (keep in mind, Bluetooth devices do have a shorter warranty)

Overall! Simply awesome speaker!

Tenergy TN438 16-Bay Auto-detect AA/AAA NIMH/NICD LCD Built-in IC protection Smart Intelligent Battery Charger With AC Wall Adapter And Car Adapter

Short Review: Awesome battery charger that works much better than the “Freebies” or the chargers that come with batteries BUT there could be a few improvements in the next version. I haven’t ran into any of the errors others mention but I also use fairly high quality batteries and I take CARE of my batteries. My charger has also been through several cycles now and still works without any issues

First lets talk about improvements.. I am fine with most of the charger, it charges quickly yet slowly (Meaning it doesn’t take all day to charge but also charges at a fairly safe rate to increase the overall life of your battery).. My biggest issue and suggested improvement is trickle charging.. Some say it isn’t needed BUT I use rechargeable for most everything.. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that as soon as you take a rechargeable off the charger it starts draining, even if not being used.. Trickle charging would allow the charger to keep the battery fully charged and waiting for your next use!! My second issue is that there is no way to turn off the backlight.. Such a simple feature should be added.. The backlight makes these impossible to use in a bedroom or something so allow us to turn it off.. My 3rd and final suggestion for improvement is to list the charge rating of each battery! This would allow me to see if I have a “Weak” battery that isn’t charging correctly..

1.) Safe charging rate – I own a charger which I LOVED for years.. BUT it was a quick charger.. I noticed my batteries didn’t really last long! I was only getting about a year out of each battery not hundreds of cycles.. I finally learned a little about the technology and learned that the quick charger was burning up the batteries! This charger charges slower than most but it charges at a safe rate! But it charges quick enough not to take all day

2.) Large Capacity – 16 batteries! GREAT

3.) Individual channels – Why is this important?? Most store chargers charge in pairs! When it comes to rechargeable batteries, your weakest link is your weakest battery!! I try to keep my batteries organized by “Singles”, “Doubles”, “Sets” so that each device has a battery that has the same amount of charge cycles. I don’t want to charge those “Singles” as a pair!! So individual charging channels are great and help make sure every battery receives their highest possible charge

4.) Refresh – WHAT?? Why would I drain my battery?? Have you ever had a set of batteries that didn’t seem to be working right or holding a long charge? Refreshing that battery (Draining it FULLY and charging it fully) will help revive the battery!! It works wonders!! Problem is, most chargers don’t offer this feature!

5.) Durable construction

6.) 12V car charging option or generator charging option

7.) Can be purchased with or without batteries

8.) Tenergy batteries are actually fairly good batteries!

Tested with and charges the following brands (It should charge any brand)

1.) Eneloop (Awesome batteries)
2.) Amazon Basics (My NUMBER 1 favorite rechargeable battery due to their quality and price)
3.) Sony (Decent batteries but not great)
4.) Goal Zero (House branded solar charger batteries, usually made by eneloop or something)
5.) Tenergy (Decent value batteries! Not the best but fairly good and not the worse! these are my recommended “Budget” brand aside from Amazon Basics which is my #1 recommend brand all together)

1.) Backlight cant be turned off
2.) No Trickle Charge
3.) No quick charge option (I wouldn’t use this option but I know it will be missing for some)
4.) Limited instructions

Overall: For the price, this is a 5 star product!! I wasn’t expecting a charger with the best features for under $40 but this actually comes very close!! The charger works well, is very safe and should protect your batteries.. Tenergy should just add one or 2 basic and simple features and they will have a homerun here!! I do recommend this product

1.) keep your batteries organized.. Your weakest link is your weakest battery! What does that mean? If you have a device that uses 4 batteries and you use 3 new batteries and 1 old battery with 100 cycles, that old battery will determine your battery life!! I keep my batteries organized and all on the same cycle!

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