Pelican Micro Cases

While I wait on more review products to arrive, I wanted to write a review on a product that I used a lot at the National Scout Jamboree!  That would be PELICAN MICRO CASES!! These things ROCK, are very cheap on Amazon (Don’t buy anywhere else, they cost a lot more), and are available in 7 or so sizes!!

I own over 10 of these cases.. price can’t be beat! Much less expensive than the new OtterBox versions! American made, and I have never had one fail! They have been underwater, in water, in rain, dropped from 15 feet or higher and have always protected my expensive electronics, and other items that need to stay dry! They make a size that fits anything!

1.) Keep the gaskets clean – Dust, sand, and other fine particles can cause these to leak, just like any waterproof case

2.) When sizing, make sure you read interior demensions! Your device or other items fit on the inside so those are the important measurements!

3.) Amazon’s price beats anyone on these!

I highly recommend these cases! Pelican has been around much longer than all the new companies making waterproof cases.. they know how to do it correctly

Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

Use:  I Grabbed several different models of Sharpal sharpeners for gifts this Holiday Season.  I also purchased a few of the models for myself (Mainly the survival models) so that I could take them backpacking and camping with me.. 

Short Review:  I must say, this is an excellent quality sharpener offered at a wonderful price!!  It is easy to use, small, and offers all the survival tools I need when I am out backpacking!! 

1.) Includes all the tools I personally need –  Includes fire striker (WORKS GREAT), hook sharpener (Inside the serrated blade sharpener, its the little groove), whistle, and a VERY SIMPLE and easy to use sharpener!
2.) Sharpener is EASY to use! Just be careful and don’t overdo it! This sharpener WILL cut a new blade if you work hard enough!
3.) Wonderful Quality
4.) Whistle is very loud, great for an emergency whistle!
5.) Fire Striker works wonderfully
6.) Fits easily in my backpack, emergency kit, or even pocket!!
7.) If you follow instructions, it is safe on ALL BLADES!!
8.) Designed here in America!
9.) Easy to find online (Here, Wal*Mart Online, and several other places)

Overall:  These work great and will make excellent gifts!! Quality is outstanding and features are there to match

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