NEW mostfun sail2 FDM Desktop Sturdy All Metal Frame 3D Printers,Lowest Noise,User-centered design, SD Card Office/USB Online/C4M online Printing,Work with PLA,TPU,WAX

Short Review (Summary): This is a very sturdy machine as mentioned in listing and very durable with a cool appearance, as well as very quick at printing, comparing with its price, it is very acceptable, comparing with other $1000 machines, it is much better.

1.) Software – Basic but works great and super simple to use!
2.) After Sales Support – Has been excellent.. Always there to answer questions that have come up
3.) Price is wonderful!
4.) Entire Family loves this machine and find it very simple to use

Overall: So far this machine is wonderful!! I have no fears that it will fail and stop working as expected.. I will update this review if any issues arise or when I have more time to play with it