CHILL GORILLA 30°F DOWN UNDERQUILT, SLEEPING BAG, & POD SYSTEM for Hammock & More. Ultralight 5 in 1 Keeps You Warmer, Saves Space & Versatile. Camping Backpacking & Survival Gear. Eno Accessory BLUE

Short Review (Summary): I recently came back from Florida and had a few more days off work so I took this out to around the Cade’s Cove area in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park! It was cold, not quite 30 but my thermometer read 32.. Weather said 36. Damp night so being down, I didn’t use it as a “Pod”. I used it as an underquilt while sleeping and just used it as a quilt while hanging and relaxing by the river… I stayed very warm using it as a blanket/quilt and when I used it at night as an underquilt it protected me from the wind blowing under the hammock! Even survived a black bear! Although it was just passing by my campsite and left me alone due to my food being in an RTIC cooler. (Black Bears usually leave you alone anyway. They aren’t angry bears like Grizzlies)

1.) Very versatile! I used this as a blanket, and overquilt and even underquilt! It can also zip up like an Ultralight sleeping bag (rectangular bag) plenty of uses

2.) 800 fill down is warm! And when you let it “fluff up” it’s very thick and fluffy!

3.) Holds true to temp ratings.. I was fine in this as a blanket! I didn’t use it as a blanket all night (down clumps together when it gets damp and being beside the river it got damp after midnight or so) but when my thermometer read 32 I was toasty in this. It also kept me warm from below when I used it as an underquilt while sleeping

4.) Great Quality – Quality seems just as good if not better than other expensive down sleeping bags.. no corners were cut here.. very well made bag, even has 800 fill down (a lot of companies will cut corners and put 400, 500 or sometimes even less quality down! 800 is great)

5.) Includes everything needed

6.) The material it’s made of makes it fairly windproof which is great for an underquilt

7.) I don’t own two of these but it looks like it is designed to be zipped together if I did making a great double bag (chill gorilla can correct me if I am wrong)

8.) No funky or strange smells

1.) Please research the type of bag you need before your trip.. I have synthetic, down, hybrids and other types! I find down to always be warmer but here in the mountains of east Tennessee, on damp nights I find the down clumping together and me getting cold.. this is a known downside for down but is also why I have all types of bags! Out west, and even camping in East Tennessee (just not the Mountains) down is my go-to when it’s cold!

2.) Using as a pod can be tricky if in the dark so practice before you go! This is a good tip for all gear

3.) Remember, a sleeping bag is an insulator! It doesn’t warm you itself normally.. it traps in body heat! So on a cold night (like my trip was) you will probably want this as an underquilt and probably a good mummy bag on top! Works very well

4.) You can wash this in products that will help it work better in damp air.. I have a lot of friends who do this.. I personally just use my synthetic bags when it’s damp but the wash in Products work great as well! I just try to avoid washing my down bags whenever possible

5.) Store in a pillow case so the down can breath! Or hang it to store.. don’t store it compressed.. that’s not good for down

6.) Down fluffs up after setting.. when you take it out it will be flat.. it will fluff up I promise

Overall: I had a good night in this bag! It worked very well! It was a beautiful clear night so no tarp was needed over my hammock.. just the stars, the river beside me and the black bear that visited me while I was sleeping!

Author: Devin S.

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