Dryzle Reverse Inverted Auto Open Umbrella – Upside Down Windproof Umbrellas for Women and Men (15 Designs)

Short Review (Summary): Wonderful Umbrella! Packaged very well, stands on it’s one (making it easy to dry), very large and very waterproof!! The hook and auto open are both excellent features!

Use: I used and tested when hurricane Harvey came through my state. Being inland we just got rain and wind.. this survived both and keep me dry!

1.) Top Quality

2.) LARGE enough for multiple people

3.) Free standing – no where to hang and dry? Don’t worry! This will stand on its own and dry!

4.) Was able to use this as the last of Hurricane Harvey came through my state and it was large enough and strong enough to keep me dry and survive the wind

5.) Includes carry bag, but very hard to get back in so I tossed the bag

Overall: I am impressed with the price, the quality, and the functionality of this umbrella!! I am sure you will be to!

Author: Devin S.

Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon! Hall of fame for being in the top 10! Do you have a product that needs reviews? Send all request to request@reviewsbydevin.com

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