CHILL GORILLA FORTRESS HAMMOCK RAIN FLY WITH 4 DOORS. Tent Tarp Waterproof Camping Shelter. ULTRALIGHT SILNYLON. Easy to setup. Essential Survival Gear. Stakes Included. Green

Short Review (Summary): This is the best Ultralight Fly for hammocks on the market!! Can even be used for survival and without hammocks!! Quality seems better than my Warbonnet Fly and the Chill Gorilla comes in much lighter!

Test: I used this weekend in the great Smokies! Beautiful weekend BUT it did rain Saturday night! Did I get wet nope! Not even a drop!

Pics Coming soon (Hopefully) – I am traveling for work and can’t upload them at the moment.

Key Points
1.) Has doors on both sides
2.) Bigger than Warbonnet and other brands that have similar flies

1.) Doors – I remember a campout about 9 years ago where it rained cats and dogs! I was in my ENO Hammock and was using a Hennessy Rain Fly with it.. The rainfly was large but by the end of the night I was wet.. I had the fly stretched down to the ground on the sides but the wind still managed to blow rain in on the ends… After that I knew I needed a fly with doors! I tried several brands and while most actually performed well, most were heavy and expensive! I knew one thing though, I needed doors!

2.) Price – A hundred bucks sounds like a lot but for the quality, the size, and the support Chill Gorilla gives, $100 is an excellent deal!! My other flies, such as Warbonnet, cost me a lot more and really, they aren’t any better.

3.) Size – This thing is huge! Much longer than any others I own, which is the main reason I purchased.. as I said in my story above, I hate rain coming in on the ends and that doesn’t happen with this

4.) Backpacking Friendly – Lightest full fly with doors I have ever owned! It weighs less than most of my flies without doors!

5.) Easy Setup

6.) Like all chill gorilla products, I’m sure they want you to use this with their hammock BUT it is designed to be large enough to work with any hammock on the market.. Have a Bear Butt? And ENO? How about Grand Trunk? How about Kammock? I have them all and this works with them all! Even my long hammocks! (Although most of my long hammocks are made by chill gorilla! They have a thing with size and that’s a good thing! )

7.) Top Not Quality

8.) Excellent Support – I have never had a quality issue with a Chill Gorilla product but they have always been there to answer and and all questions I have! They will also listen to you if you have suggestions and ideas for their products!

9.) No issues with it leaking! I had rain when I used it this weekend and was very dry

Overall: I am very impressed with this fly and this will be my main fly this fall! I already have 3 or 4 trips over the next month or so planned for it.. I will be sure to update with photos and how it’s performing over the next few weeks! One trip in and I’m sold and impressed! My Warbonnet will probably end up for sale this week because I have no need for it anymore

Tips: Chill Gorilla stuff goes out of stock a lot so grab it when you see it! You will be happy! I have missed stuff from them I wanted so I the to buy right when it’s listed!

Author: Devin S.

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3 thoughts on “CHILL GORILLA FORTRESS HAMMOCK RAIN FLY WITH 4 DOORS. Tent Tarp Waterproof Camping Shelter. ULTRALIGHT SILNYLON. Easy to setup. Essential Survival Gear. Stakes Included. Green”

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