Cuisinart TOB-135W Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler, White

Short Review: We have always done a majority of our cooking in a toaster oven. Why fire up the large oven for two people? With that being said, we had been using a cheapo toaster oven.. It worked great BUT ONLY after we “learned” how to use it.. What do I mean by learn? We learned that pizza took 8 mins rather than 15 like the instructions said.. We learned that in order to keep biscuits from burning I had to “rotate” the pan halfway through the baking cycle because it cooked so unevenly.. And so on!! BUT I FINALLY upgraded to this DELUXE oven.. And guess what? No more learning! It bakes and cooks just as well as a real oven!! If the pizza says to bake for 13 mins you bake for 13 mins! No more rotating pans to keep the biscuits baking evenly.. None of that! This cooks and bakes simply amazing, just like your real oven does!

1.) Fits 12 inch pizza! I can even use my 12 inch pizza pan! (Their is a cutout in the back of the oven that allows for the 12 inch pizza)
2.) VERY SIMPLE TO USE! – Basically just turn the knob! It even flashes the buttons that you need to press..
3.) Very nice looking – I actually like the white front and stainless body!
4.) Very well built and durable – You can tell the quality is much higher than the cheapo oven I owned before this
5.) Bakes very evenly – Especially with the convection fan on
6.) Super quite! Can’t even hear the convection fan
7.) Includes everything you need (If you use a lot like me though, I do suggest buying more toaster oven pans so that you aren’t always washing)
8.) Timer works on ALL MODES! – I had purchased a high end black and decker before this BUT its timer only worked on toast mode.. The timer on this works on ALL MODES!! This is important for me as I sometimes wake up and put biscuits in then hop in the shower… I need to know it will turn off on its own and not burn my biscuits
9.) 3 Year Warranty – Most in this price range only offer 2.. Extra year is always a plus!
10.) Backlight on controls – One black and decker model I tried showed a backlight on the photos but it really didn’t have one.. Glad this one does!!

Overall: I highly recommend this! Its a great little oven

Author: Devin S.

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