AuthenTrend Nano USB Fingerprint Reader | Windows 10 Hello Biometric Fingerprint Scanner For Password-free Convenience | 360° Touch Instant Recognition For Secure Sign-in | Elegant & Compact PC Dongle

First some facts

Device: Microsoft Surface Pro 4
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Setup: Setup is very easy!
1.) Install into USB port
2.) Let windows find the drivers..
3.) When the drivers are installed and finish, simply go to your logon settings by typing “Hello” into the search bar and you should see “Setup Face Sign In” Or other password options as the first option.. Click it and follow the fingerprint setup!

Note: This only works with Windows 10

1.) Works VERY WELL on my device – Please note, as we all know with Windows.. Some systems can be buggy! This works GREAT with my device but it might not work as well with yours

2.) Simple Setup – Plug and Play.. No setup or disc are required.. Only requirement is to register your fingerprint

3.) Very High Quality

4.) If the device is plugged in I simply touch it to unlock my device.. If its not plugged in, face recognition kicks in or it as for my password.. Simple!

1.) Takes up my one USB port

Author: Devin S.

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