Kavu Yukon Wallet

Short Review: Excellent Wallet that last! Very well built with Kavu Quality! Awesome outdoor wallet! Plenty of card slots and room for other goods.

1.) Durable – I have had several of these and they all last for years! They are one of the best Nylon wallets you can buy!

2.) Plenty of room – Tons of credit card slots! Plenty of room for IDs (two ID slots)

3.) Holds cards nice and tight!

4.) Very comfortable wallet

Overall: I highly recommend this wallet! It rocks! I love the Kavu brand and this wallet is made very very well..

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Author: Devin S.

Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon! Hall of fame for being in the top 10! Do you have a product that needs reviews? Send all request to request@reviewsbydevin.com

2 thoughts on “Kavu Yukon Wallet”

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