Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Headphones

Short Review — Purchased these on Black Friday.. YOU WONT FIND ANOTHER PAIR of $50 Bluetooth headphones that come CLOSE to the sound quality of these!! Are they worth full price? Sure, their sound quality is average for $90 – $100 headphones and is what I would expect from a pair of headphones that cost under $100! Bass is good, build quality is excellent, and these things hold a WONDERFUL connection with my Nexus 6P!! Battery life is above average as well!

Yes, I would buy these again even not on sale!!

1.) Main con I have with these is that they aren’t covered under the SkullCandy lifetime warranty.. You only get a year with these! Something to consider if you have owned skullcandy products as long as I have

2.) No case! I thought this was fairly standard at the $100 price point.. Guess not

1.) Skullcandy Warranty – They have a wonderful warranty policy!! Usually no questions asked and if they don’t have your headphones they just give you a giftcard for their online store for the full MSRP of the headphones you purchased!! One con for this pair of headphones is that it only offers a 1 year warranty (Bluetooth products don’t carry the lifetime skullcandy warranty)

2.) Sound Quality – Very LOUD, very clear, and plenty of bass.. Sound quality for these is what you would expect from the full price.. For the price I paid, I don’t think I could EVER find a pair even close to these!! Sound is GREAT

3.) Stylish and Unique Design!!

4.) Metal Band, Great Build Quality! Should last!!

5.) Battery Life – Depends on usage such as volume, distance from phone, and others.. I normally average around 8 hours.. BUT I have received over 10 before.. They are rated at 12

6.) Value – Skullcandy kills Bose and beats when it comes to value. Much less expensive but just as stylish and just as great when it comes to build and sound quality

7.) Very simple and easy to pair!!

8.) I can hear callers loud and clear and they can hear me loud and clear

Overall: I am very happy with these!! Grabbed a great deal and can’t be happier!! I would buy these again at full price

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Author: Devin S.

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