Review TOS (Terms of Service)

Please READ these very important TOS Notes about my site and reviews by me

Current Average Monthly Hit Count is over 1,443 views a month (Updated June 16th, 2018)

Want your item reviewed?

1.)  Email request, suggestions, and offers to for consideration.

2.) Send a donation to Reviews by Devin PayPal (PayPal.Me/dstephens3) and I will consider your item for review…  Please see AMAZON review notes below!! (You can also use this link to DONATE to my site which will be used to buy other HIGH END gear for review!)

3.)  Sellers can also mail stuff to me directly.. Please email me for the information..

***Please NOTE I get about 100 review request a day between this site Amazon, and the few reviews I have done on YouTube.. Like I tell all sellers, reviews are not guaranteed! You are submitting your product for potential review.. if it’s a knockout product it will prob be reviewed (on this site) if it’s the same cell phone case 1000 other sellers have sent me, who knows!***

Amazon Note!

Amazon does not allow paid product reviews anymore! What does that mean? It means a few things but mainly it means your item will not be reviewed on Amazon!  I do however, help answer product questions on Amazon about  products submitted to me.. Think of me as a free customer service agent. Also, all reviews on this site link to your AMAZON listing for purchase!

NOTE:  Products purchased from my income, meaning “donations” might end up on Amazon because I choose those products myself (See notes below)

1.) I will not break AMAZON TOS!!

2.) Reviews are never guaranteed on Amazon! Any seller who submits PayPal or Payment for their product in hopes it will end up on Amazon, is doing so on their own because it will probably never end up on Amazon.. again, if it’s not something I would buy on my own or something I already own, it might end up on Amazon but you are submitting your request and idea as a donation to my site meaning I may never buy it.. I have been introduced to a lot of great companies by donations and suggestions..  These companies are now companies I buy from all the time now! They know who they are, and I always take their donations and end up buying their new products.. Why? Their products rock and I use them so yes, they get reviewed..

Note to sellers: I ignore all emails that say “please send order ID, please send order ID”.. I don’t have the time to respond to every seller about order ID. And please don’t send emails asking “I see it’s delivered, are you going to review” I ignore those

PayPal Note:

My PayPal is PayPal.Me/dstephens3

1.) All PayPal disputes that originate due to
      1.) Me never buying your item
      2.) Your review never ending up on Amazon

Will be honored by me clicking the “Provide Refund” button! However, any dispute due to this will result in me reporting your store or that particular seller to AMAZON for requiring reviews.. I have only had to do this with 2 sellers..  Both sellers had their AMAZON stores removed by Amazon.. 

Simply put, you are submitting items for CONSIDERATION for review on my site here! This site is now receiving about 1000 hits/month from various places. Not Amazon!.. Big Ticket items will get higher priority.

Final Note:  I receive a kickback from products purchased from my links!

Author: Devin S.

Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon! Hall of fame for being in the top 10! Do you have a product that needs reviews? Send all request to

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